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Le Chat Noir was a GBN Force consisting of Divers using SD Gundam.


The force went on a winning streak that propelled them into the top 30 Force ranking, but suffered strings of losses, leading to internal conflicts that caused it to be disbanded before the start of the Gundam Build Divers series.[1] Shortly after the SD Gunpla belonging to the leader of the force was returned, the team started to be reformed, although Ayame opted to stay with the Build Divers.[2] The rest of the members, except for two who are busy in real life, then joined the force Chat Noir Neo.[3]


The core members of the team consisted of:


Notes & Trivia

  • The force's name is French for "The Black Cat".
  • It is implied that the force was present two years before the start of the series, judging by Ayame's own experience in the Beargguy Quest.