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Laplace, Where It All Began (ラプラス、始まりの地 Rapurasu, Hajimari no Chi?) is the eighth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.


Marida, now a prisoner of the Federation, tells Banagher to keep on saying, "Even so..." She says that he has the power to awaken another system that sleeps within the Unicorn Gundam. Marida herself is to be transferred to Earth on the instructions of Martha Carbine, Syam Vist's granddaughter and currently the acting head of the Vist Foundation. It was Martha who ordered Alberto to prevent the opening of Laplace's Box, the Foundation's lifeline. Meanwhile, Banagher heads for the new set of coordinates revealed by the La+ Program. This is the wreckage of Laplace, the prime minister's residence that was destroyed by a terrorist bombing at the dawn of the Universal Century. At first, Banagher resists Daguza's orders, but after he learns from Otto that Daguza was the one who led the operation to rescue him, Banagher agrees to launch in the Unicorn Gundam.[1][2]




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