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Team Lapis Lazuli is a Gunpla Battle team formed in the Gunpla Academy, based in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.


Lindsey Anegaozy and Yunta Aoi are on the second team at Gunpla Academy when they head to Nielsen Labs, but the departures of various team members leave the two as the only members of the squad. New Nielsen Labs researcher Gabriel Gish eventually joins them to form "Lapis Lazuli", whose namesake - a type of bright blue stone - reflects the fact that all three members' Gunpla are bluish in color.



  • XXXG-01Wfa Wing Gundam Fenice Azure - Personalized replica of Wing Gundam Fenice made by Gabriel Gish, it is painted in blue tones close to the original Wing Gundam's. The parts on the left and right side of the Fenice are swapped to suit Gabriel's piloting style. In addition to the weaponry of the original Fenice, it is equipped with a shield that can generate a large beam mantle, "beam muller".
  • 侍ノ弐 Sengoku Astray Gundam [蒼] - Personalized replica of Sengoku Astray Gundam made by Yunta Aoi. Its specifications are almost the same as the original, except the color of its frame is changed to blue. It initially has the same added face armor as the original, but this is later removed. It carries the Tactical Arms of the High Grade Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L on its back.

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