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Laguna Harvey (ラグナ・ハーヴェイ Raguna Hāvei?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


Laguna is the president of Linear Train Industries; his company is contracted for operations and maintenance over the orbital elevators. In secret, he's a member of Celestial Being. He's one of the few people in the world with influence and the vast resources to assist Celestial Being with their operations without attracting attention from the world authorities.

Personality & Character

Not much is understood about Laguna due to limited explanations of his intentions. It is speculated he wanted greater political influence and it involves Team Trinity and giving the world GN-Technology. His actions suggests he has delusions of grandeur, poor ability of anticipation and stealth as his activities were discovered by other people.

Skills & Abilities

Not much is mentioned about Laguna, it's only presumed because he's the president of his own company that he has good business skills. It's unknown if he is an engineer himself, but he uses his vast resources to help cover Celestial Being's activities.


Joining Celestial Being

Laguna's affiliation with Celestial Being is an untold tale. The fact his company provides resources to Celestial Being and related to Aeolia Schenberg's orbital elevator plans suggest his family or at least himself was part of the secret organization for a very long time. He had Linear Train Industries assist Celestial Being sneaking in materials, equipment, Gundams, and operatives in between Earth, orbital elevators, and various Lagrange points.

Personal Agenda

Much of Laguna's intentions are unknown. It's speculated he wanted more than just wealth, he wanted political influence and/or power. Alejandro Corner and Ribbons Almark secretly was in contact with him to start developing GN-tech based on stolen CB data.

Team Trinity

Laguna provides instructions to the Team Trinity. He also built the Gundam Thrones according to Alejandro's instructions.

Destroying Celestial Being

Although the full scope of his intentions are unknown, it appears he's been attempting to gain favor and greater influence over the world by offering GN-Tech to the world even if that destroys Celestial Being.


Ali visited Laguna at the Linear Train Corporation HQ, and requested Laguna to give him a mobile unit for combat, hinting at the GN-X. Ali never accused or said Laguna was part of Celestial Being, but hinted everything to suggest that he knew a lot more than it appears. Laguna wanted to know his intentions and Ali explained he wanted his influence to have him part of regular military as he perceives no future being a mercenary. Ali subsequently left the building in anger, suggesting his request was denied.[1]
Later, when Alejandro was informed that Laguna had completed his task of distributing the GN-Xs and their GN Drive Taus to the three major power blocs, he decided that Laguna's usefulness had come to an end.[2] Subsequently, Laguna was shown dead on his office table, shot through the head.[2] Later, when Ali al-Saachez was about to wipe out the Team Trinity, he revealed it was he who killed Laguna Harvey.[3]


Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being He's an observer of Celestial Being, but later exploited and abused the organization's secrets for his own agenda.

Alejandro Corner
While the full relationship between Laguna and Alejandro is unclear, he did build the Gundam Thrones based on Alejandro's instructions.

Team Trinity

Laguna Harvey was responsible for instructing the Team Trinity and building their Gundam Thrones, and was their primary source of resources. After his death, Team Trinity was left without resource replenishments.

PMC Trust

Main article: PMC Trust

Ali al-Saachez
It was never explained how Ali al-Saachez came into the service of Laguna, but he hired him as his personal operative. Using his connections at AEU, he has a duel identity between Moralia/PMC Trust and French Foreign Legion. Laguna gave him a false ID, Gary Biagi, to work under AEU to carry out special missions. The depth of his connections and who is in the loop behind Laguna's activities are unknown, but Ali seems to be the only one. The full extent of his reasons of hiring Ali might not ever be explained because Laguna was subsequently killed by Ali after denying him a GNX-603T GN-X.



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