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Lady Kawaguchi(レディ・カワグチ) is a fictional character in Gundam Build Fighters Try. She is the only known woman to have inherited the title of Meijin Kawaguchi.


She seems to be a very direct woman she will say what is on her mind as shown when she confronted Fumina Hoshino and told her she is lacking something and she needs to find it or she won't win the tournament.


Six years before the current events of the show, Lady entered the Kanto invitational tournament and piloted the GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam she then became Hoshino's idol and inspiration.

She was present with Tatsuya Yuuki at the Regionals where she witnessed team Try Fighters battle, she was impressed with their ability but told Tatsuya they have a long way to go. She then appeared at Nielsen Labs where she witnessed team Try Fighters go up against the Gundam The End, she seemed disappointed when Allan Adams aborted the Fight between the "the End" and the Amazing Red Warrior. After Kousaka Yuuma ran away from the battle she followed Hoshino and told her she needs to find out what she is lacking and she will fight her to help, she used her Devil Dragon Blade Zero Gundam against Hoshino and she effortlessly defeated her, after the battle she told Hoshino she needs to find the answer on her own.


  • Lady Kawaguchi is the first, and currently the only, female "Char clone" in the Gundam franchise.
  • She is only referred to by her alias of Lady Kawaguchi, occasionally shortened to just "Lady," and her real name is never revealed.


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