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The real Lacus states on television that there is someone who has the same face, voice and name as herself in the PLANTs, and that she does not support Chariman Durandal's ideas, nor his actions. She also states that people should find out more about Chairman Durandal's actions before believing in him. Djibril arrives at the Daedalus Lunar Base, where he fires the Orbital All-Aspect Tactical Cannon, Requiem, at the PLANT capital, Aprilius One. The attack on Aprilius fails due to Joule Team's intervention, but Januarius One through Four is hit, and they collide into December Seven and Eight causing them to collapse also. The Minerva returns to space.


Lacus declares that she “does not support Durandal’s actions.” Meer becomes very upset with the appearance of the real Lacus. Durandal gently tells her that it is okay, and then tells her she should keep a low profile and sends her away. The shocking broadcast also creates a stir within the Minerva. Rey says to the confused Shinn and the others that “just because she is real, does not make her right,” then changes the subject to Strike Freedom and Athrun. Lunamaria learns that there is a possibility Meyrin might be alive and becomes upset. Meanwhile, the Minerva receives new orders from the fleet headquarters to launch into space and head to the Moon.

At the Daedalus lunar base, Lord Djibril has activated the trump card to turn the table. He plans to destroy PLANT’s capital cluster Aprilius by using the huge reflection satellite cannon, Requiem. He will fire it from the back side of the Moon and use the colony clusters to deflect the beam to hit Aprilius. Yzak and the others notice the Alliance’s movement and fight well, and the beam barely misses the capital. But the blow destroys the surrounding PLANTs instantly.

Durandal orders the entire army for emergency ascendancy of the lunar base. Learning of Djibril’s attack, the Archangel also prepare to launch into space.

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