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Lacroa is a land similar to medieval Europe in SD Gundam Gaiden with an alternate version appearing in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


As mentioned above, Lacroa is similar to medieval Europe. Thus the land's nature is relatively undisturbed save for the royal family's castle and the Dark Hole.


The people of Lacroa are humans, Knight Gundams and Mmns. Every so often, Mana Crystals are born and emerge from the Fountain of Spirits. 'All things born' receive their spirits from them, becoming Knight Gundams, humans and even sacred spirits. By the start of the series however, all the humans have been petrified while Zero was the last Knight Gundam remaining.



In Superior Defender Gundam Force, Lacroa's population (both human and Gundam) are based on the characters and mobile suits of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing.

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