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Kyral Mekirel (キラル・メキレル?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime series.


Kyral Mekirel is the Gundam fighter for Neo Nepal. A returning fighter from the eleventh tournament, Kyral was back then heavily predicted to win with his Tantra Gundam. In the finals of the 11th tournament, his only armament, left-handed claws, became stuck in the ground, rendering him unable to dodge a volley of blasts from his opponent, Gentle Chapman and his John Bull Gundam, who by defeating Kyral became a three-time Gundam Fight Champion. The attack caused an explosion in the cockpit, rendering Kyral blind. He later returned in the thirteenth tournament to avenge himself against all fighters with the Mandala (Mandor) Gundam. Under the orders of the Nepalese government, he assassinated all Gundam fighters he was slated to face before the match. He had almost succeeded in killing Neo Japan's Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu, but was stopped by Chibodee Crocket. Since none of his previous opponents were able to fight for obvious reasons, Kyral's victories came by default, in spite of this, he still proved to be a formidable fighter. In his match against Domon, however, he was still defeated and realized the error of his ways, withdrawing from the Gundam Fight to seek atonement from the families of the people he murdered. He would later return along with Allenby Beardsley and other Gundam fighters to assist the Shuffle Alliance in attacking the Colony Devil Gundam.



  • Kyral has appeared a few times in the Super Robot Wars series. He first appeared as a secret ally in Super Robot Wars 64, where he served much of the same role as in the show. (rallying an army to defeat the Devil Gundam with the player with his Mandala Gundam) He also appeared as a playable character in Super Robot Wars MX on the PS2, and its PSP port, Super Robot Wars MX Portable.

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