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Kycilia Zabi (キシリア・ザビ Kishiria Zabi?) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and its OVA adaptation. She was the only daughter of Degwin Sodo Zabi and was in charge of Side 3's security/intelligence through her "Kycilia Agency".

Personality & Character

Although she displayed loyalty to her father, she was, in truth, a staunch believer in Zeonism, sending Lieutenant General M'Quve—who had hopes of invading the Earth in order to restore the fruits of Zeon's culture and civilization— as a delegate to the Antarctic Treaty and prolong the war.

Skills & Abilities


Battle of Mare Smythii

Under the alias "Catherine," she visited the lunar surface to meet with the mayor of Granada, Smokey Wilson, and demand that the city host a Zeon garrison. Meanwhile, receiving word of Dr. Minovsky's defection, she dispatched a mobile suit team led by Captain Ramba Ral to counter the Earth Federation's Iron Cavalry Squadron, which was attempting to protect the doctor [1][2].

One Year War

Operation Blue Bird

Following Zeon's victory during the Battle of Loum, Degwin had Kycilia listen in on a conversation with Gihren on Zeon's next course of action. Degwin believed in forcing the Earth Federation to the negotiating table, whereas Gihren wanted to prolong the war. Fearing Gihren's actions would destroy the country and their family, he had Kycilia do whatever it took to stop Gihren [3].


Sasro Zabi

Sasro berated and assaulted her for letting Ral flee. In revenge, she had a bomb planted in the car Sasro and Dozle were riding in during Zeon Zum Deikun's funeral procession.

Casval Rem Deikun


Her subordinate of, with the rank of major. He escorted Kycilia when she visited the lunar city of Granada under the alias "Catherine." She shot him as punishment for leaking the secret of the impending war of independence to the Granada side [1][2].

Degwin Sodo Zabi

To her father, she displayed loyalty, enacting Operation Blue Bird to repatriate Johann Ibrahim Revil in order to de-escalate fighting.

Gihren Zabi

She shared Gihren's idea of prolonging the war so as to seize the Earth's bounty and her lands.


She sent M'Quve as a delegate to the Antarctic Treaty and assigned him as leader of the Earth Invasion Force. As assurance that Degwin would not abandon M'Quve as a sacrificial pawn, she also assigned her younger brother Garma to serve under M'Quve.



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