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Kuzzey Buskirk (カズイ・バスカーク, Kazui Basukāku) is a character that appears in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


First Alliance-PLANT War

Kuzzey lived on the neutral Orb space colony of Heliopolis with his family and his friends – Kira Yamato, Miriallia Haw, Sai Argyle, and Tolle Koenig. His peaceful life ends when the colony is raided by ZAFT in search of prototype Earth Alliance mobile suits which have been secretly produced in the colony. The fighting ultimately destroys the colony; Kuzzey and his friends end up as refugees in the care of the Earth Alliance battleship Archangel.

When Kira is unofficially drafted to pilot the remaining GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, Kuzzey and the others volunteer to help out. They are assigned to bridge positions; Kuzzey is assigned as the communications operator. After the battles at Artemis and near Junius Seven, the Archangel finally reaches Duane Halberton's 8th Fleet, and its civilians are finally allowed to exit the ship in life shuttles. Kuzzey and his friends, as volunteers, are given the option to leave as well, but upon seeing Sai, Tolle and Miriallia's decision to stay, Kuzzey opts to tear the resignation form and remain in the ship as well.

Upon landing on Earth and moving towards Alaska, Kuzzey acts as Sai's moral support when it is revealed that his fiancée, Flay Allster, had been cheating on him with Kira. Like the other Heliopolis teens, Kuzzey also meets his parents during their brief stay in Orb.

Kuzzey's will to fight is greatly shaken en route to Alaska, however, when the Archangel is forced to flee a ZAFT attack, shortly after the signals of Kira and Tolle's units were lost, and the pair are declared MIA. Following this, when they do reach Alaska, the base's leadership treat the crew poorly for losing all the secret mobile suits, and leave them to die after setting the Cyclops System underneath to detonate during a ZAFT assault.

While the ship is rescued thanks to Kira's sudden arrival with the Freedom Gundam, Kuzzey has open second thoughts about continuing to fight and manages to scavenge his old resignation form in the hopes that it is still valid. Ultimately, the ship deserts the Alliance and returns to Orb, whereupon Murrue Ramius allows any crew member to leave the ship.

Kuzzey jumps at this opportunity, but worries that he is abandoning his friends to save his own hide. Sai immediately retorts that none of them would think badly of Kuzzey for acting in such a way, and that he was already brave enough to survive all their previous hardships. Thanks to Sai's encouragement, Kuzzey finally decides to leave the ship.

Although his movements after leaving the ship were not described, an old man who appears to be Kuzzey appears in the book "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED RGB".



"If Im the only one who says that he wants to leave then everyone will think that I'm afraid, that I'm just a coward! And maybe that's true, but there's nothing I can do onboard; nothing to do with fighting! I leave that stuff to the guys who are able to do it.

Kuzzey Buskirk, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED


  • His cowardice is somewhat reminiscent of Kai Shiden's.