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The Kotetsu Genoace (or Genoace Ashura) is a custom variant of the RGE-B790 Genoace first appeared on Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Treasure Star. It's piloted by Kotetsu Sakai.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Kotetsu Genoace is a heavily customized variant of the Genoace, commissioned by X-Rounder pilot Kotetsu Sakai from the Madorna Workshop before the events of the manga. In his image, he based his mobile suit to the Demi God Ashura as he wanted to have an element of surprise by equipping with hidden manipulator arms. Overall, the frame strength of the Genoace is strengthened during development, allowing it to hold 4 manipulator arms and two heavy weapon containers. It's basic armory were also enhanced, allowing to withstand enemy fire better than its normal counterpart.

Aside from the frame, the monoeye sensors on the unit is been replaced with standard compound ones, with enhanced detection and the cockpit is heavily renovated to include several more control sticks for Kotetsu to use the manipulator arms. Weaponry of the suit includes several machine guns and beam spray guns, which can be wielded in its arms or on its manipulator arms when the unit enters Ashura Mode.

In overall specs, the Kotetsu Genoace is a powerful custom to an old Federation suit but the design of the manipulator arms may require an X-Rounder with high awareness to pilot it.


Special Equipment & Features

  • Ashura Mode
Full weapon form equipped with the armaments of the weapon containers.
  • Ashura Arms
A unique feature of Kotetsu Genoace is that the mobile suits possesses four sub-arms. These arms are typically folded behind the mobile suit's shoulder armors, and are different in design to the main arms, being much thinner and possessing only three manipulator fingers. These sub-arms allow the unit to utilize up to four hand-held weapons when it enters Ashura Mode. Since arms are complex limbs to operate, it is difficult for any pilot to effectively control a mobile suit with more than two in combat. Kotetsu usually has no problems using the arms due to his enhanced X-Rounder capabilities.
  • Weapon Containers


The Kotetsu Genoace was first commissioned by Treasure Star before the events of the Manga. It's said that Kotetsu wanted to base his mobile suit to the Demi God Ashura as he wanted to have an element of surprise by equipping with hidden manipulator arms.

On its first battle debut, it's proven to be a good support unit to then AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Daiki Version during their fight against the Vagan.

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  • The Ashura mode of the mobile suit is based on the Ashura. Ashura, in Buddhism is the name of the lowest ranks of the deities or demigods of the Kāmadhātu. They are described as having three heads with three faces and four to six arms.


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