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Kojima (コジマ Kojima?) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.


Kojima is an Earth Federation Forces officer in charge of the Federation outpost in Southeast Asia investigating Ginias Sahalin's nearby base. As base commander, he oversees the 08th Mobile Suit Team and their fellow squads. He is a subordinate to Captain Isan Ryer.

When Shiro Amada is suspected of betraying the Federation, Kojima is initially unsure but gives Shiro and the 08th MS Team a mission to prove himself; after the 08th Team succeeds in finding and attacking the Shuddering Mountain Base, Kojima trusts Shiro once more.

Kojima is a calm and quiet person, content with being outside in the jungle rather than an air conditioned space colony. He cares for and trusts in his soldiers, which causes friction between him and his superior officer, Ryer.


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