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Koji Matsumoto (コウジ・マツモト?) is a fictional character from the Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G OVA series.


Part A

A veteran male Gunpla Builder who challenges Haru to his first duel, with Haru's Beginning Gundam at stake. He's a member of the SGOK idols group. He is a carefree young man, who has two young females (Iwamoto and Ooigawa) that seem to follow him, while getting his butler to make and customize his gunpla. When he enters the second floor of the Axis Hobby Shop, Koji was surprised to see Haru's new Beginning Gundam kit, and requests a challenge with Haru, with his Beginning Gundam as a prize. After a brief battle, Koji/Hi-v briefly fights Haru/Beginning with beam sabers, and  trips from the building after he missed. Now trapped in a destroyed outdoor concert, Koji/Hi-v tries to summon his funnels and break free, only breaking his Gunpla's left thigh, revealing a broken polycap. Haru criticizes Koji for letting his butler to do all of the modelling work, including the painting, which was Koji's idea. Koji/Hi-v was then defeated by Haru/Beginning. Despite the loss, he swore that he will build the Hi-v by himself next time.

Part C

He later reappears in the final match in his mech that he personally built this time, but was defeated incidentally by Haru before his battle with Boris. 

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