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Koichi Nanase (ナナセ・コーイチ?) (aka KO-1 in GBN) is a character from Gundam Build Divers. He is the builder and pilot of the Galbaldy Rebake.

Personality & Character

Though he was once an excellent Gunpla builder good enough to appear in the World Tournament, a certain incident led to his retirement from Gunpla Battle.[1] Four years ago, the members of his team decided to quit, after the scene shifted from GPD to GBN.[2] The efforts of Riku and his friends touch Koichi's heart, and he decided to make his comeback as a member of their force.[1]

Skills & Abilities

Before Koichi retired from competition, it was said that he could have been number one in the world.[2] His achievements then are as follows:

  • 3rd in the Japanese Gunpla Championship
  • 8th in the World Tournament



Nanami Nanase

Koichi is the older brother of Nanami.


Notes and Trivia

  • Koichi's alias "KO-1" (pronounced just like his normal name) is a wordplay on his name, with 'ichi' being Japanese for the number '1'.


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