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Kizo (キゾ?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost manga series.

Personality & Character

Skills & Abilities


Kizo is a lieutenant general in the Zanscare Empire army and commander of the independent special forces "Golden Eggs." He monitors the Thoucus unit and Angel Call to further his own ambitions. His true identity is that of Crux Dogatie's son, who was born to Crux's common-law wife. After Crux entered a marriage of convenience with a member of the Earth Federation (Tetenith Dogatie's mother), the young Kizo was entrusted to Fonse Kagatie. Although Kagatie was appalled by Kizo's uncontrollable tendency for extreme violence and torture, he allowed Kizo the freedom to continue out of a sense of loyalty to Crux.



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