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Kira Yamato (キラ・ヤマト?) is the main protagonist of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, the main protagonist of the second half of the sequel series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, and the main protagonist of the theatrical film Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom. Kira is the adopted son of Caridad Yamato and is Cagalli Yula Athha's twin brother. He pilots the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam, the ZGMF/A-262B Strike Freedom Gundam Type II and the ZGMF/A-262PD-P Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam.

Personality & Character[]

At his core, Kira was a kind, compassionate, and selfless person who was willing to put his own life at risk to protect others without hesitation, especially his friends and loved ones.[1] A strong believer in individualism, Kira firmly believed in the freedom of choice for all people and had a profound respect for life.[2] Kira was an introvert by nature and spent long periods alone contemplating his thoughts and emotions but also enjoyed being with and talking to others.[3][4] Despite being very intelligent, Kira could be stubborn and had the habit of entering into dangerous situations without thinking them through. However, this tendency, combined with his kindness towards others earned him the friendship, trust, and loyalty of many people.[1][4][5]

Initially a pacifist, Kira disliked conflict and wanted nothing to do with war. However, he was forced to compromise his morals to defend his friends, leading him to fight against his fellow Coordinators.[6] Because of his highly sensitive and empathic nature, Kira became traumatized throughout his continuous exposure to war by the deaths he committed and the lives he failed to save.[2][7][8] This caused him to develop atychiphobia (intense fear of failure), and constantly berate himself for any losses, resulting in an obsessive belief that he needed to kill his opponents to protect people, regardless of the emotional turmoil it caused him.[9][10] This culminated in his battle against Athrun, where after both of them had killed one of the other’s friends, Tolle and Nicol respectively, a grief-stricken Kira fought with uncontrollable anger to kill his childhood friend.[11][12]

During his recuperation with Lacus after his battle with Athrun, Kira examined his experiences and reasons for fighting in the war. While he didn’t regret fighting to protect others, he believed that simply labeling those he killed as "Enemies" or saying that they were unavoidable casualties in his duty as a soldier were inadequate justifications for his actions. Through Lacus’ inquiring questions, he realized that his refusal to consider the long-term outcomes of his decisions led him to the situations he faced.[13][14] After confronting his past, Kira found courage in his suffering and formed a new resolve; concluding that inaction born of apathy would only result in the continuation of conflict, Kira decided to return to the battlefield, despite having the opportunity to leave the war behind him, choosing to fight to save lives rather than to kill an enemy.[15] Having come to terms with the lives he took, Kira accepted the unavoidable reality of killing in battle. However, from then on, he chose to do so only when he deemed it necessary to avoid needless deaths as much as possible.[16][17][18]

Kira’s views on Naturals and Coordinators followed the same ideology as George Glenn’s; that Coordinators were not a separate species from Naturals, but were instead created to help all of humanity achieve its dreams of obtaining a better future.[10] Because of this, he befriended people of both types, treating them no different from anyone else; to him, they were all humans. However, his being a Coordinator led to many hardships after being drafted into the Earth Alliance, as he endured the thoughtless and insensitive remarks of others who made it a point of differentiating people by their genetic type, and sometimes outright persecution from those who utterly hated Coordinators. These experiences took a toll on Kira, causing him to become increasingly anxious and depressed for simply being what he was, leading him to occasionally isolate himself from others.[4][19][10] Kira reached his breaking point after Rau Le Cruset revealed to him his origins as the Ultimate Coordinator, resulting in Kira having a full-on existential crisis, questioning his humanity and reason for existence, especially after learning that so many people had died in the process of making him what he was.[20][21] Eventually, with Lacus’ help, Kira reconciled with the truth of his past and the revalation of being the Ultimate Coordinator, concluding that his genes, just like everyone else's, didn’t define his identity or worth, he did.[21][18]

By the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Kira had further internalized his experiences from the previous conflict, resulting in his overall personality significantly maturing, having become a calmer, more composed, and philosophical individual.[22] His prior exposure to war led him to conduct himself more stoically, becoming more conscientious in his decisions, while also being suspicious about the motivations of others before trusting them, especially those he hadn’t met personally.[23][24] Despite his more reserved behavior, Kira remained a kind and compassionate individual and maintained emotionally open and strong relationships with his friends.[22][25] Because of his past experience of not being honest with himself and acknowledging his actions and mistakes, he made it a habit to speak candidly about his thoughts and opinions and didn’t hesitate to let someone know they were wrong or that he disagreed with them, even when he understood their perspective.[26][23][27] Additionally, he tried to empathetically help others recognize and take responsibility for their own mistakes so they didn’t end up paying for them in the future and supported them in their decisions to make amends and move forward.[26][28]

Kira acted in a fashion best described as a reluctant hero. In contrast to his lead-by-example behavior, he often refused to acknowledge an official role of authority, possibly due to him not viewing himself as the leader type, as he regularly left command decisions to Lacus or Cagalli.[24][29] Still, Kira’s willingness to take on risks before anyone else in his earnest devotion to saving people, in addition to his caring and idealistic nature resonated with, and inspired confidence in others, earning him the respect, trust, and support of those who chose to willingly follow him.[23][30][29] This included not only his friends and loved ones but also many within the Orb military, who followed him in the belief that his ideology embodied the true ideals of the Orb Union.[24]

Although he desired to live in a world where he didn’t have to fight, Kira was fully willing to enter battle if it was to safeguard the people he cared about, especially Lacus.[31] While never seeking to fight for its own sake, Kira’s prior experience in war convinced him that intended action was necessary to end conflicts, and passivity born of fear or apathy would only create or prolong tragedies.[22] However, Kira was not always sure of what actions to take to achieve his objectives and had doubts concerning his role in events and whether his efforts would bring about a meaningful resolution. Nevertheless, he believed that the worst thing to do was give up, and with support from his friends, Kira maintained hope that they would find their true purpose even after making mistakes, so long as they faced the challenges of reality and continued head-on.[26][25]

When confronted with Durandel’s Destiny Plan and its utopian ideology, Kira admitted that it did have merit in bringing order and direction to people’s lives, even stating that it was by all means "the ultimate destination" for Coordinators, who sought to constantly improve themselves.[32] However, he asserted that the Destiny Plan was incompatible with humans, as it suppressed humanity’s capacity to change through independent choice and disregarded people’s dreams, desires, and hopes by creating a world where their lives were not their own.[33] Kira believed that humans, despite being capable of committing atrocities out of greed, jealousy, hatred, and prejudice, could learn to understand and accept each others' differences and make choices that could forge a better future by growing beyond their past mistakes. When asked what he would do if the choices people made caused the world to fall to chaos again, Kira declared that he would fight to protect it once more.[29]

Skills & Abilities[]

Kira has a sharp sense and rapid information processing ability; He is shown to have great adaptability through his constant improvement of the Strike Gundam's incomplete OS to enhance its performance to match the combat situation he faces, including space, Earth's atmosphere, underwater and desert environments. Kira has exceptional mobile suit shooting precision which became the core of his piloting style after acquiring the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, as he always tries to disable the enemy mobile suits without lethally harming the pilot by aiming for weapons or body parts except for the cockpit. He was shown to be overwhelmed by the ZGMF-X13A Providence's DRAGOONs at first; however, he was able to follow and predict the weapon's movement afterward. By the end of the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Kira was able to singlehandedly shoot down all of the DRAGOONs from the ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam.

While lacking any formal military training, Kira's fighting ability developed quickly and greatly as his time in combat increased, along with his mastery of SEED mode. In contrast to his piloting capabilities, Kira is shown to be inexperienced with handguns, preferring not to use them, as shown when he throws a gun at an assailant during a terrorist attack instead of firing it. He has to be reminded by Mu to remove the safety on his gun during the battle of Mendel, while in pursuit of Rau inside the colony. By the Second Alliance-PLANT War, however, his handgun skills have improved significantly, seen during the second assassination attempt on Lacus Clyne at Copernicus City on the Moon.

Physical Aspects & Clothing[]

Kira is a young male with tan skin, neck-length brown hair, and amethyst-colored eyes.

In C.E. 71, as a civilian Kira usually wore a black shirt and mint green pants. After joining the Earth Alliance, he wore the special men’s version of the OMNI Enforcer Uniform, although he chose not to wear a rank badge. When in combat, he wore a black, white, and teal-colored version of the OMNI Enforcer’s pilot suit.

In C.E. 73, as a civilian Kira wore a charcoal-colored shirt and pants, with belt straps on the shoulders and abdomen, and a red undershirt beneath. After rejoining the Archangel, Kira wore the updated version of the Orb Military Uniform. Initially, he dressed in the uniform of an Ensign and later wore the high-end version upon his promotion to Admiral. When piloting his mobile suit, he wore a custom version of the Orb pilot suit. His pilot suit was colored blue, black, and white with red highlights on the shoulders.

In C.E. 74, as a civilian Kira wore a purple shirt, a beige jacket, and dark grey pants with a matching belt. After joining ZAFT, he wore the White Uniform with gold markings signifying his rank of Commander.



In the mid-C.E. 50s, Via Hibiki was pregnant with two children - twins who were to be named Kira and Cagalli. Her husband, Ulen, needed a test subject for his artificial womb, a device made to handle the birthing process of Coordinators. To her horror, Ulen used Kira's fetus to modify him into a Coordinator, but the process worked - Kira would be born a flawless Coordinator. Soon after, tragedy struck - their home and laboratory were attacked by Blue Cosmos and Via and Ulen were presumably killed, however, Kira and Cagalli managed to survive. Seeking to hide and protect the children, Caridad and Haruma Yamato adopted Kira while Uzumi Nara Athha would adopt Cagalli.[20]

During his childhood, Kira befriended a young boy named Athrun Zala while he attended a military preparatory school in Copernicus City in C.E. 61, and the two became very close. In C.E. 68, Athrun was called away back to the PLANTs, but before he left he gave Kira a parting gift - a robotic bird named Birdy.

First Alliance-PLANT War[]

Battle of Heliopolis[]

In C.E. 71, Kira lived in the neutral colony Heliopolis, where he spent his peaceful life attending an engineering college with his friends: Sai Argyle, Kuzzey Buskirk, Miriallia Haw, Tolle Koenig, and Sai's fiancee Flay Allster. However, on January 25, Heliopolis was attacked by ZAFT forces. The colony was thrown into chaos and the citizens were forced into shelters for evacuation. During the evacuation, Kira stumbled into a mysterious young lady and decided to follow her, worried for her safety. As he followed her, they eventually found two Alliance mobile suits, the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam and the GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam in a production facility.

The young lady collapsed to the revelation of Alliance mobile suits in a neutral colony like Heliopolis, blaming her father for the disarray of events. While the young lady was in a state of shock, Kira still prioritized her safety and left her in one of the safety shelters, much to her dismay. As Kira searched for another shelter, he noticed the fight between a ZAFT soldier and a female officer of the Earth Alliance forces. Since the officer was in danger, Kira alerted her to the presence of another ZAFT soldier behind her.

Kira encounters Athrun

Kira encounters Athrun

As Kira helped Earth Alliance officer Murrue Ramius, he recognized an approaching ZAFT soldier as his childhood friend Athrun Zala. The two friends were stunned by each other's presence on the battlefield. Murre interrupted them and attempted to shoot Athrun, but he fled to the Aegis and escaped. Murrue pursued while taking Kira aboard with her in the Strike.[34]

During their pursuit of the Aegis, the Strike was intercepted by Miguel Aiman in his ZGMF-1017 GINN. Murrue was no match for Miguel, as she was unable to control the Strike properly, due in part to her lack of mobile suit piloting skills and the incomplete OS. However, after seeing his friends endangered, Kira took control of the Strike from Murrue and managed to reconfigure the OS so that the Strike could be used to its full potential before engaging against the opposing GINN. With the Strike's unbelievable combat capabilities, Miguel was forced to retreat. After the battle, Murrue told Kira and his friends that they had stumbled upon an Earth Alliance military secret.[35]

They were forced to follow the Alliance command in exchange for their lives, while Kira was to pilot the Strike. Having loaded up the Launcher Striker Pack, Kira attacked the arriving Rau Le Creuset and damaged his ZGMF-515 CGUE, but in doing so also caused damage to the colony. After equipping the Sword Striker Pack, Kira fought and killed a returning Miguel, but the damage from the battle against Miguel and the Le Creuset team caused Heliopolis to collapse. After the Colony's destruction, Kira retrieved a lifepod and brought it to Archangel; among the passengers was Flay Allster.[36]

After Heliopolis's destruction, the Archangel began its journey to Earth, and Murrue Ramius, the ship's acting captain, requested that Kira continue to pilot the Strike to defend against ZAFT. Kira initially refused to pilot the Strike again, but Mu La Flaga explained to Kira that, as a Coordinator, he was the only one capable of piloting the machine and as such, he was the only other person on board the ship who could ensure the safety of both his friends and the Archangel.

Skirmish near Artemis[]

In his first battle with the Le Creuset team following the destruction of Heliopolis, Kira found himself engaged with the GAT-X102 Duel Gundam as Athrun attempted to persuade Kira to switch sides. In response, Kira shouted that he still had friends aboard the Archangel and was unwilling to allow them to die. Following this, Kira denounced Athrun for claiming to be a pacifist, but willfully joined ZAFT and attacked Heliopolis. When Kira realized that he had been lured out to not assist the Archangel, Athrun grabbed the Strike with the Aegis's MA mode as it ran out of energy, and attempted to bring Kira back to their ship. Fortunately, Mu, having successfully ambushed Le Creuset's ship, returned and rescued Kira. Kira soon returned to the Archangel and received the Launcher Striker pack. Recharged and rearmed, the Le Creuset team was forced to return empty-handed.[37]

After the battle, the Archangel arrived at the Eurasian asteroid base, Artemis. There, the base commander attempted to use Kira and the Strike for his own uses, only to have Nicol Amalfi and his GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam sneak in and disable the base. Kira launched in the Sword Strike to engage Nicol and bought time for the Archangel's crew to retake the ship and escape in the confusion.[38]

Skirmish in the Debris Belt and the Battle near Junius Seven[]

After escaping Artemis, the Archangel arrived at the Debris Belt to obtain supplies. While there, the crew discovered the remains of the destroyed PLANT colony, Junius Seven, and decided to inspect the colony for resources. Kira was vehemently against desecrating Junius Seven, but ultimately yielded when the urgent need for supplies was made apparent. While scouting the area in the Aile Strike Gundam, Kira spotted a ZGMF-LRR704B GINN Long Range Reconnaissance Type searching the wreckage of a destroyed ship. Seeking to avoid conflict, Kira positioned the Aile Strike behind an asteroid, waiting for the GINN to move on. However, just as the GINN was about to leave, it located one of the Archangel’s Mistral mobile armors and began firing at it. Reluctantly, Kira fired the Aile Strike’s beam rifle, destroying the GINN. Immediately after, Kira was distraught by his actions, distressed by the fact he had killed more people in a place where so many others had already died.[2]

Afterward, Kira discovered an active Life Pod and brought it with him to the Archangel. Once onboard, the pod opened to reveal Lacus Clyne, a PLANT pop idol and Athrun’s fiancée. Kira became attracted to Lacus and the two started to bond, and Kira was amazed by how everyone had treated her - with the exception of Flay. However, things turned serious as Natarle Badgiruel used Lacus as a bargaining chip after a battle went utterly south, leading to the death of Flay's father. Angered by this, Kira smuggled Lacus out of the Archangel, aided by his friends. Kira called out to Athrun to pick her up and again, Athrun attempted to recruit Kira. When Kira refused once more, the two vowed to shoot each other down the next time they met in combat.[19] Later, Kira was court-martialed by the Archangel's senior staff, but all charges were dropped due to him being a civilian.

After the death of her father, Flay blamed Kira for not protecting him from the ZAFT pilots, accusing him of trying to protect "his kind", greatly shaking him. In the next battle, Kira once again found himself isolated by the Duel Gundam. Determined not to allow any more of his friends to die, Kira entered SEED mode for the first time and quickly damaged the Duel's cockpit with a beam saber before knocking both the GAT-X103 Buster Gundam and Blitz off of the Archangel. When the Duel attempted to re-engage, Kira swiftly struck the Duel's cockpit once more with one of the Strike's Armor Schneider knives. Causing the Duel's pilot, Yzak Joule, to suffer a facial injury and resulting in him swearing vengeance for the humiliation.[39]

Battle of Orbit[]

After meeting up with Rear Admiral Duane Halberton, Kira and his friends were given honorary rankings for their services. However, Kira decided to join the other Heliopolis survivors and return to Earth. At the same time, ZAFT soldiers attacked the descending Archangel and Halberton's forces attempt to give the battleship a fighting chance to escape. Moved by the gift of a young girl named Elle, and believing that he had a responsibility to protect the Archangel and friends, Kira decided to stay and fight, only to find Flay trying to suit up herself. After telling Flay that he'll fight for them all, she gave him his first kiss.[7]

Engaging the ZAFT Forces, Kira found himself fighting Yzak and his modified GAT-X102 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. As they battled close to the Earth's gravitational pull, the escaping civilian shuttle zipped past them, momentarily separating them from battle. Yzak, mistaking them for fleeing Alliance soldiers, turned his beam rifle on them and destroyed the shuttle. Horrified, Kira went catatonic as the Strike freefell into Earth.[7] The Archangel was forced to alter its course to rescue Kira, not knowing if the Strike's Phase-Shift Armor could survive reentry.[8]

Recovering, Kira found Flay by his bedside. As he recovered, Kira was wracked with grief as he realized he couldn't save the civilians from dying during the battle. Noticing Kira's vulnerability, Flay took advantage of it and manipulated him into becoming a ruthless fighter. She comforted him and the two had sex together. When Kira was called back into action, his methods were much more brutal - all of it being played by Flay.[8][9]

Desert Dawn Campaign[]

After the Archangel landed in North Africa, they were attacked by a ZAFT squadron led by the Desert Tiger, Andrew Waltfeld. Kira was called back to action after having sex with Flay. Due to the Strike not being adjusted for desert combat, Kira couldn't properly fight back against the attacking TMF/A-802 BuCUEs. He managed to reprogram the Strike's operating system to adapt to the environment and destroyed several BuCUEs before he ran out of power. With the Desert Dawn intervening, the ZAFT forces retreat.[9] After the battle, Kira was reunited with Cagalli Yula Athha, the girl he helped escape from Heliopolis. Cagalli had been worried about him and was shocked to see him piloting a mobile suit. During this time, he and Sai had a fallout due to Sai finding out that Flay spent the night with Kira. After a short flare-up, Sai stormed away and attempted to pilot the Strike Gundam alone, but couldn't and the machine ended up failing. Kira and Sai's relationship was strained after this.[40]

After a squadron of BuCUE under the command of Andrew destroyed the town of Tassil, Cagalli and other members of the Desert Dawn recklessly chased after them. Several resistance fighters, including Cagalli's friend Ahmed el Hosn, were killed before Kira arrived to save Cagalli.[41] Upon arriving on the battlefield, Kira noticed the dessert heat was effecting the accuracy of the beam rifle, and quickly modified the OS to compensate, successfully separating the turret of one of the BuCUE's back. This action impressed Andrew Waltfeld and motivated him to engage the Strike himself in a BuCUE. Despite Andrew initially overwhelmed the Strike, Kira countered by going into SEED Mode, destroying one of the BuCUEs and damaged Andrew's before forcing the remaining ZAFT forces to retreat.[41]

Later, the two of them were sent to gather supplies. As Kira and Cagalli sat down for lunch, they met a (poorly, but effectively) disguised Andrew Waltfeld. During lunch, Blue Cosmos terrorists attacked, targeting Andrew. In the confusion, Kira saved Andrew from being shot in the back. Andrew thanked Kira, and he sheds the disguise, and Cagalli realized who he really was. After the firefight, Andrew invited the two back to his residence. Andrew's girlfriend Aisha took Cagalli to get cleaned as Andrew and Kira conversed. When Cagalli confronted Andrew, he pulled out a gun and asked Kira if a war would end when all enemies were destroyed. Andrew said he didn't know why Kira was fighting his own kind, but as long as Kira piloted the Strike, they were enemies. He then put the gun away, stating that his home was not a battlefield and that Kira had saved him. Because of that, he let Kira and Cagalli leave.[42]

Because they knew each other, Kira and Andrew found it difficult to fight in the next battle, where Andrew piloted the new TMF/A-803 LaGOWE to face Kira personally. At the battle's climax, Kira asked Andrew to stop because the battle was over, but Andrew was determined to keep fighting until one of them was dead. Kira activated his SEED mode and destroyed Andrew's LaGOWE. After the LaGOWE exploded, Kira began to cry, lamenting that he did not want to kill Andrew.[43]

Equatorial Skirmishes[]

While traveling over the Red Sea, Kira remembered his final battle with Andrew, the death of Flay's father, and the destroyed civilian shuttle and began to cry. Cagalli hugged him and began to comfort him, founding herself holding his hand. She told him not to get the wrong idea, as she simply wanted him not to cry anymore. She asked why he was with the Earth Alliance since he's a Coordinator, and he recalled being asked that many times.[10] During the journey to JOSH-A, the Archangel was attacked twice by Marco Morassim's aquatic forces. Kira engaged the aquatic mobile suits both times, eventually forced to destroy the Morassim's UMF-5 ZnO.[44]

First Battle near Orb and Respite in Orb[]

Later, the Archangel was attacked by the stolen ZAFT Gundams near the border of the Orb Union. Kira engaged the enemy machines, quickly dispatching both the Duel and Blitz. During the battle, the Archangel, having been heavily damaged, was secretly allowed entry into Orb. In exchange for sanctuary and repairs to the Archangel, Kira was to help create a new OS for naturals to pilot Orb's MBF-M1 M1 Astray.[45][46]

Later, when the Archangel was undergoing repairs in Orb, Kira ended his relationship with Flay, telling her that their relationship was a mistake. He also met Athrun face to face, who was spying to see if the Archangel was in Orb. Although Athrun knew Kira was the Strike pilot, he didn't reveal this to the others in his team.[47]

Second Battle near Orb and the Battle of the Marshall Islands[]

Before he left Orb with the Archangel, Cagalli showed Kira that his parents were watching him depart. Kira asked Cagalli to apologize to them for him, explaining that he cannot see them right now, especially when he might say things he may regret. Kira told her to be safe and thanked her. As he turned to go inside the Archangel, Cagalli embraced him and told him not to die and to come back to see her again, to which Kira promises.[11]

While en route to the Earth Alliance Alaskan base JOSH-A, the Archangel was attacked by Athrun and his comrades. During the initial skirmish, Kira damaged all of ZAFT's opposing mobile suits. However, when confronting the out-of-power Aegis, the Blitz, piloted by Nicol Amalfi, a close friend of Athrun's, tried to protect Athrun by charging at the Strike. Kira avoided the attack, but accidentally killed Nicol, as the Blitz charged into the Sword Strike's "Schwert Gewehr" Anti-ship Sword. (In the Original, Nicol's sudden appearance and attack startled Kira, causing him to instinctively swing the Sword Strike's sword towards the Blitz's cockpit. This was changed in the HD Remaster, where Kira stumbled backwards to avoid the attack, while Nicol ended up running into the sword instead.)[11]

Athrun, believing that Nicol's death could have been prevented by killing Kira, vowed to do so the next time they meet. In their next battle, Kira's friend Tolle Koenig was killed when Athrun destroyed the FX-550 Skygrasper he was piloting. Kira and Athrun (both activating their SEED abilities) tried to kill each other to avenge their dead friends, and Kira ended up seriously injured when Athrun attached the Aegis directly to the Strike's cockpit and bailed out before the Aegis self-destructed. In the confusion, the Archangel was forced to retreat, leaving Kira behind.[12]

Theft of the Freedom Gundam and Operation Spitbreak[]

Unbeknownst to everyone, someone else was watching the final duel between the two friends - Junk Guild tech Lowe Guele. Pulling Kira out of the Strike's wreckage, Lowe delivered him to Reverend Malchio, who in turn delivered him to Lacus and her father, Siegel Clyne to their home within the PLANT.[13] During this time, Lacus and Kira grew closer, and the two developed feelings for each other.[14] Lacus told Kira that he was safe and that he could stay as long as he wanted to. However, the two overheard a message to Siegel from Council member Eileen Canaver that PLANT chairman Patrick Zala lied about ZAFT's newest major operation and that the bulk of ZAFT forces was actually on their way to crush JOSH-A in Alaska, the main base of the Earth Alliance military and where the Archangel was currently stationed. Kira decided to leave the PLANTs and save his friends on board the Archangel. Lacus helped Kira access a ZAFT base and gave him the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. Before he left, Lacus granted Kira "her strength" by means of a kiss on his cheek, showing him that he has her support and affection. Kira then returned to Earth in his new mobile suit for the Battle of JOSH-A.[15]

After arriving on the battlefield, and saving the Archangel from destruction, Murrue warned Kira about the underground Cyclops System and Kira alerted both ZAFT and Earth Alliance soldiers of the impending danger. Yzak refused to believe him and attacked Kira with the Duel. Even though Yzak killed Elle and the other refugees, Kira refrained from killing him in return. Instead, he disabled the Duel and once again urged Yzak to escape from the Cyclops' blast, keeping with his vow to limit casualties for any and all sides on the battlefield. During the mad dash to escape Alaska, Kira grabbed hold of a GINN that could not keep up with the other ZAFT forces after its engines gave out and helped carry it to safety. To his grief, the pilot passed away due to his injuries shortly after they make it to safety.[16] After the battle, Kira reunited with the crew of the Archangel. However, he told them that he wasn't siding with ZAFT nor with the Earth Alliance - he just wants to fight to save everyone from the war. Kira's actions had an effect on the crew, choosing to abandon the Alliance and reconsider what they were fighting for. After returning to the Archangel Kira apologized and reconciled his friendship with Sai.[48]

Battle of Orb[]

Returning to Orb, Kira was reunited with Cagalli, who thought Kira was dead. The Archangel and its crew were granted amnesty by Orb and were allowed to stay in the country.[48] After the Earth Alliance's defeat at the Battle of Porta Panama, Muruta Azrael, leader of Blue Cosmos, thus an influential leader of the Earth Alliance, arrived outside Orb's territorial boundaries with an ultimatum - that Orb join the Earth Alliance and help them wipe out ZAFT or be considered an ally to ZAFT's forces and be destroyed. Knowing these terms were unacceptable, Kira heeded Uzumi's call and aided in the defense of Orb.[49] With the aid of the captured Buster and its pilot Dearka Elsman, along with the sudden arrival of Athrun and his ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam, the first invasion attempt was repelled. Afterward, the three pilots talked about their place in the war, with Kira and Athrun talking intently about the demise of Nicol and Tolle. Kira later responded that he had accidentally killed Nicol, while Athrun had little choice but to kill Tolle, and noted that holding on to such grudges would only cause an endless cycle of hatred until everything was gone.[50]

The Earth Alliance attacked Orb once again the following day, and this time, it become evident that their numerical superiority would now overrun Orb. In a desperate bid to protect its principles, Uzumi Nara Athha ordered Kira and the rest of Orb's military to escape to space before setting both Orb's headquarters and its Mass Driver to self-destruct.[51] After the Archangel and the Kusanagi ascend into space, Cagalli showed a photo of herself in Kira in their infancy from her father. Kira was shocked, especially since the woman holding them was not Caridad Yamato, the only mother he had known, but was in fact their biological mother Via Hibiki.[52]

Theft of the Eternal[]

Hoping to persuade his father, Patrick Zala, that the war was pointless, Athrun left the crew and headed back to the PLANT, with Kira following partway to protect him. Soon after, the battleship FFMH-Y101 Eternal made its escape, holding Athrun, Lacus, and the surprisingly alive Andrew Waltfeld inside. Kira came to the rescue and drove the pursuers away. Kira later briefly spoke with Andrew over the death of Aisha and asked the former ZAFT commander if he held any form of resentment. Andrew replied that holding onto one would be easy, but it would not change anything by the end of the day. Hidden within the Mendel Colony, the Three Ships Alliance was formed as Kira and Lacus reunited. When they were alone, Lacus broke down and cried in Kira's arms, finally able to grieve for her father's death due to Patrick's zeal in wiping out the moderates within the PLANT Supreme Council.[53]

Battle of Mendel[]

Soon after, both ZAFT and the Alliance forces coincidentally discovered the Eternal and Archangel respectively at the Mendel Colony and attempted to take care of the battleships. Kira and Athrun were initially sent out to battle the Alliance forces, now headed by former Archangel crew member, Natarle Badgiruel.[54] Once the Alliance forces withdrew, Kira joined Mu inside the Mendel Colony, and the pair chased Rau deep inside the G.A.R.M. R&D laboratories within.[55] It was there that Rau revealed the truth of Kira's parentage and who he truly was - a perfect Coordinator, the Ultimate Coordinator. In turn, he also revealed his identity as a clone of Mu's father, Al Da Flaga, and his goal of ensuring that humanity, both Naturals and Coordinators, ended up extinct. Kira swore to stop him, incidentally knocking off Rau's mask.[20] Using their shock as cover, Rau escaped and launched the captured Flay inside a life pod. Reentering the battle, he heard Flay's voice, calling out for someone to save her, and that she had the key to ending the war. Kira moved to rescue her, but by doing so, he was disabled by the Forbidden and Raider Gundams.[21]

After Athrun dragged Kira back, Kira ended up passing out, and later coming to inside his bed with Lacus watching over him. Kira broke down and cried on Lacus's lap, stopping Cagalli from asking about the picture and their parents. Lacus helped Kira come to terms with his true origins and admitted her love for him, telling him that he had made her happy as a woman and that she wanted him to stay with her. Kira embraced Lacus, accepting her confession.[21] After the battle, the Junk Guild was called in to repair and resupply the trio of battleships. There, Kira finally met Lowe face to face.

Second Battle of Jachin Due[]

Just before the final battle, Lacus gave Kira her ring that once belonged to her mother and asked him to come back to her after the fighting had ended. Kira accepted the ring, thanked her for her support, and kissed Lacus on the cheek before leaving for battle.[56]

In the ensuing battle, Kira, using the Freedom Gundam and METEOR unit, engaged the Earth Alliance's Peacemaker Taskforce and aided in shooting down all the nukes before they could destroy the PLANTs. To everyone's disbelief, ZAFT finally unveiled their own superweapon, GENESIS, which easily wiped out half of the Alliance's fleet in an instant. Kira and Athrun were only barely able to escape its line of fire thanks to Yzak's warning.[57][56] Rather than retreat, Muruta Azrael ordered the remainder of the nukes to target the PLANTs once more, leading Kira and Athrun to once again sortieing out with their METEORs to stop the second wave.

Once, Azrael was killed and most of the Alliance's nuclear weapons were destroyed, Kira, Athrun, and Cagalli were sent to attack GENESIS. Midway through the trip, Kira had a bad sensation and immediately returned back to the Archangel. In the process, Kira encountered Rau again, this time in his new ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam. The initial fight was utterly one-sided as the Providence's DRAGOON System overpowers the METEOR unit. It is here that Rau's plan came to be known: as the flawed clone of Al Da Flaga, Rau sought to punish humanity - both Natural and Coordinator alike - for their actions. During the fight, a shuttle from the destroyed Dominion battleship nears the battle, holding Flay. Kira attempted to rescue Flay again, intercepting a beam rifle shot from the Providence. Sadly, their reunion was bittersweet: as a DRAGOON shot destroys the shuttle, killing Flay. Kira was overcome with grief, knowing that he failed to fulfill his promise of protecting his friends once again. With a brand new resolve, Kira returned to fight Rau one last time.[18]

Though the Freedom was damaged, Kira cripples the Providence with an attack that penetrated the cockpit. Even though the beam missed, Rau was killed when his helmet shattered, right before his body was annihilated by a beam of nuclear energy from GENESIS caused by Jachin Due's self-destruction, vaporizing the Providence before the superweapon itself was destroyed by the self-destruction of the Justice. As hostilities come to an end, Kira was seen drifting out of the Freedom's cockpit, wondering what humanity's path shall be. He then spotted Birdy, leading Athrun and Cagalli in Cagalli's MBF-02 Strike Rouge to him. As Athrun went to fetch him, Kira said, "It's our world."[18]

Post War[]

With the end of the First Alliance-PLANT War, Kira and Lacus decided to retire peacefully in Orb to help Reverend Malchio's orphans. They later received a surprise visit from Athrun and Cagalli. While Kira wondered why he could still eat and sleep despite all the atrocities committed in the war, Athrun simply replied that it was because they were still human.[58]

Second Alliance-PLANT War[]

Operation Break The World[]

Kira and Lacus had spent the last two years since the end of the war living on a secluded island (one of the Marshall Islands) in Orb's territory, assisting Reverend Malchio and Kira's adoptive mother, Caridad Yamato, with his orphanage. Following the Junius Seven Colony Drop, which triggered the Second Alliance-PLANT War, the group was forced to move in with Murrue Ramius and Andrew Waltfeld at their shared mansion, after the orphanage was destroyed. With the rising tension between the Earth Alliance and PLANT, as well as Orb's stance on neutrality beginning to falter, Kira and Lacus considered leaving for the PLANTs.[31]

Assassination Attempt of Lacus Clyne[]

One night, an infiltration force of Coordinators attacked the mansion in an attempt to assassinate Lacus. After making it to the safe room, the force destroyed the mansion with their UMF/SSO-3 ASH mobile suits to try and complete their mission. The attempt on Lacus's life forced Kira to once again pilot the Freedom and participate in combat in order to protect his loved one, despite her reluctance in his taking up arms again. Kira engaged and defeated the ASHs, still abiding by his policy to limit casualties by disabling the opposing mobile suits in SEED mode. However, to avoid being captured and interrogated, the pilots activate their machine's self-destruct.[31]

It is believed that the assassination attempt was secretly ordered by Gilbert Durandal. Although he's the chairman of PLANT, he realized his influence is not as great as the pop star. However, Lacus went into hiding with Kira after the last war and never resurfaced. Knowing she'll never support his agendas, Durandal decided to use Meer Campbell as Lacus's double to influence members of PLANT to sway in his favor. With the original Lacus still out there, his ruse can be exposed if she decides to go against him. The greatest benefactors to Lacus's death would be Durandal and Meer.

Kidnapping of Orb's Chief Representative[]

The following day, Orb officially joined the Earth Alliance, prompting Kira and Lacus to return to the Archangel and take up secretive residence in the Kingdom of Scandinavia. Before leaving Orb, Kira kidnapped Cagalli from her arranged marriage to Yuna Roma Seiran, despite Cagalli's initial objections.[22] Kira helped Cagalli realize her mistake in letting Orb side with the Earth Alliance and helped her come to terms with her errors in judgment, despite her good intentions.[26] While docked, the Archangel's crew discussed Chairman Durandal's underhanded tactics, with the introduction of a fake Lacus. Kira also noted how Durandal had repeatedly made opportunistic moves to sway the public to his side, and feared what the Chairman's true plans were.[23]

Battle of Dardanelles[]

When the Orb forces were finally deployed by the Alliance against the Minerva at the Dardanelles, Kira, and the Archangel made a surprise appearance in the battle at the request of Cagalli. Kira proceeded to destroy the Minerva's main "Tannhäuser" cannon to stop it from firing at the Orb vessel Takemikazuchi, while Cagalli implored the Orb forces to honor their principles and retreat. In response, Yuna called Cagalli an imposter and ordered Orb's forces to attack her. With little choice, Kira disarmed several mobile suits on both sides of the conflict to force the battle to halt. After the battle, Athrun blamed Kira for the death of ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited pilot Heine Westenfluss at the hands of ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam pilot Stella Loussier (both were trying to attack Kira and Heine got in Stella's way).[30]

Kira, accompanied by Cagalli and Miriallia Haw, secretly met with Athrun in Crete. Athrun told them that they wouldn't end the war with their methods and that Cagalli should return to Orb if she wanted the nation to leave the Earth Alliance. Kira told Athrun that he distrusted ZAFT's leader, Gilbert Durandal, since Lacus was targeted by a special ops team of Coordinators using newly designed ZAFT Mobile Suits. Though Athrun returned to ZAFT, both sides were affected by the other's words.[27]

After a period of being part of the Archangel crew, Lacus decided to go into space to investigate what was going on, although Kira initially objected as he would not be able to protect her, she embraced him and promised that she would be careful. During their attempt to leave Earth, Lacus, Andrew, and the shuttle they stole were nearly shot down, but Kira protected them and saw them off.[59]

Battle of Crete[]

Kira intervened again in the Alliance-Orb battle with the Minerva at Crete, where he saved the Minerva from a possible finishing blow. During Cagalli's second attempt to reach out to Orb's forces, she was attacked by the ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam, causing Kira to once again attack all sides. Kira was later confronted by Athrun in the ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam, who blocked Kira's attempts to strike back at the Impulse. Finally, Kira admitted that he understood Athrun's desire to protect his friends aboard the Minerva, but was unable to see why he would be indifferent to Cagalli's plight. Declaring that Athrun must be defeated, Kira beat and irreparably damaged the Saviour.[60]

Shortly after the Battle of Crete, the Archangel received members from the fallen Orb carrier, Takemikazuchi, which had been sunk by the Impulse. During this, the pilots and second-in-command, Amagi, began crying about how they were forced to attack Cagalli against their wishes as well as speaking of the growing unpopularity of the Seirans and their hopes for Cagalli to take the country back. Much to Kira's delight, their tearful reconciliation with Cagalli kept her hopes alive in eventually returning to Orb.[24]

Battle of Berlin[]

Kira and the Archangel soon went to Berlin to fight against the monstrous GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam, and were eventually joined by the Minerva, along with Shinn's ZGMF-X56S/α Force Impulse Gundam. During the battle, Kira had a strange sensation when fighting Neo Roanoke's custom GAT-04+AQM/E-A4E1 Jet Windam and after shooting it down, he asked Murrue to "take care of things" and recover him. When the Destroy was about to fire on Shinn's Impulse Gundam, Kira hit the Destroy's chest cannons with his beam sabers, dealing it a finishing blow that inevitably resulted in the death of its pilot, Stella Loussier.[61] After the battle, Neo's data was analyzed, and to the shock of the crew, matched Mu's. As Neo didn't know who "Mu" was and didn't associate himself with Mu's former rank or show any knowledge of the Archangel's crew, Kira immediately believed that Mu's memories were tampered with.

Operation Angel Down: Freedom's Final Battle[]

Soon after, PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal ordered the destruction of the Archangel and the Freedom during the mission code-named "Operation Angel Down". Kira and the Archangel found themselves under attack by ZAFT's forces while attempting to return to Orb. To not give the ZAFT forces an excuse to intensify their attack, Ramius refused to perform any aggressive action against their aggressors and prioritized their flight to the sea, while Kira forbade the other pilots of the Archangel from going out to honor Cagalli's wish to bring them all back to Orb safely. Though the Freedom and Archangel were able to hold off their initial attackers, the tide soon shifted when the Minerva entered the fray.[62]

The Freedom was attacked by Shinn and his Force Impulse Gundam, who recently learned of Kira's habit of not attacking another unit's cockpit. As a result, Kira couldn't land any beam shots on the Force Impulse. When Kira severed the Force Impulse's head and part of its left forearm using the beam saber, Shin responded by using his mobile suit's ability to separate and replace its body components with replacements from the Minerva. After ejecting the Force Impulse's damaged upper body, Shinn then detonated the parts within close range of the Freedom, causing it to fall out of the sky. Later, the separation ability caused Kira to miss his beam saber strike, exposing the Freedom's back, and its left wing was destroyed by Force Impulse. Eventually, the Archangel was hit by a glancing shot from the Minerva's positron cannon, distracting Kira from the battle. The Freedom was then attacked by Shinn's Force Impulse which was holding one of the Sword Silhouette's anti-ship swords. Despite Kira trying to block Shinn's charge with the Freedom's shield, the anti-ship sword managed to penetrate through the shield and Freedom's abdomen.[62]

The Freedom's remains fell into the water, but Kira had deactivated the mobile suit's nuclear reactor before losing consciousness. He was then retrieved from the ocean by Cagalli in the MBF-02 Strike Rouge.[63] Kira later explained to Athrun that his confusion at the attack and fatigue from the battle were contributing factors to his defeat.

Receiving the Strike Freedom Gundam[]

Soon after, Athrun and Meyrin Hawke defected from ZAFT after being framed by Rey Za Burrel and Gilbert Durandal and were shot down in their attempt to escape ZAFT. The pair were found and delivered to Kira and the Archangel crew by Ledonir Kisaka, where Kira was the first person Athrun woke up to, surprised that Kira was still alive. Kira later assured him that his companion was shielded from the brunt of their damage before urging Athrun to rest.[64] He and the rest of the Archangel watched the battle of Heaven's Base intently. When Logos was defeated, Kira and Lacus feared that Orb would likely be Chairman Durandal's next target, knowing the country's deeply-rooted desire to protect their ideals against totalitarian control.

While Kira lamented his inability to fight without the Freedom, Lacus and her ship, the FFMH-Y101 Eternal, come |under attack by three Nazca-class vessels and their ZAKU and GOUF squadrons, after investigating the remnants of the space colony Mendel for clues about Chairman Durandal's plans. After receiving information that Lacus was in danger, Kira rushed into space in Cagalli's Strike Rouge (the MBF-02+AQM/E-X01 Aile Strike Rouge in the original release, the MBF-02+EW454F Strike Rouge Ootori in the HD Remaster version) equipped with large boosters. The Strike Rouge was able to fend off several mobile suits, but ended up seriously damaged from numerous attacks.[65]

Andrew Waltfeld provided cover in his ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam and told Kira to go into the Eternal to pick up his new unit. On the Eternal, Kira and Lacus reunited and shared an emotional embrace and words of happiness at seeing each other again. She presented Kira with the newly constructed ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam albeit with some hesitation. Kira thanked Lacus for giving him the ability to fight once more and promised to return to her as soon as everything was over. He used his new mobile suit to disable the attacking forces, defeating all 25 enemy mobile suits in only two minutes, followed by disabling the three Nazca-class vessels.[65] Later, Kira returned to Earth with the Strike Freedom to help Cagalli defend Orb, which was under ZAFT attack because Yuna Roma Seiran and his father Unato had provided refuge for the Logos leader Lord Djibril. Kira also asked Lacus to descend in the ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam to try and cure Athrun of his self-doubt following the betrayal of Chairman Durandal.[28]

Second Battle of Orb[]

When Shinn in the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam tried to defeat Cagalli's ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam, Kira arrived and saved her by destroying the Destiny's beam boomerangs. While Cagalli withdrew to regain control of the military, Kira and Shinn battled. After Shinn had to withdraw back to the Minerva, Kira proceeded to disable many of the ZAFT mobile suits invading Orb. When the Destiny returned, now flanked by the ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam under Rey Za Burrel, Kira took quick notice of the latter unit's similarity to the Providence Gundam. As the fight dragged on, Kira was overwhelmed by the pair, but, much to Kira's surprise, the injured Athrun arrived to provide support. When Athrun found himself under attack from the Legend, Kira stepped in and faced the Legend, leaving Athrun to deal with the Destiny.[66]

After the ZAFT forces withdrew, Athrun lost consciousness. Kira caught the Infinite Justice in mid-air, preventing it from crashing. Back aboard the Archangel, Kira removed Athrun's helmet and flight suit, revealing that Athrun's wounds had reopened and were bleeding profusely. Kira then ordered a stretcher to bring Athrun to the Archangel's sick bay, where he recovered, tended to by Meyrin.[66] Following the battle, he, Lacus, Athrun, and Meyrin watched Cagalli's post-battle broadcast speaking against Chairman Durandal's decision to immediately declare war against them and invade. In response, Durandal's fake Lacus interrupted Cagalli calling Orb out for housing an anarchist like Lord Djibril. Lacus soon assured Athrun that he has done his part and departed to Cagalli's office with Kira, where she was able to out Durandal's imposter and reiterate Orb's refusal to partake in more of Durandal and Djibril's conflict.[66][32]

Return to Space[]

Lord Djibril escaped into space during the battle. ZAFT forces withdraw from Orb and the Minerva was sent to reinforce the ZAFT Lunar Team's attempt to destroy the Earth Alliance's lunar-based Laser Cannon, Requiem which had fired and destroyed some of the PLANTs.[33]

During that time, Kira was promoted to Admiral and appointed as the Commander of the Orb Space Fleet. The Archangel was also officially commissioned into the Orb National Defense Force and assigned as Kira's flagship. Archangel was ordered to the lunar city of Copernicus to gather intelligence on Durandal's operations. Cagalli stayed in Orb to coordinate the recovery and lead the country.[33]

The Archangel returned to space and docked at Copernicus City. Kira, Lacus, Athrun, and Meyrin attempted to gather intelligence under the guise of a shopping trip. There, they received Meer Campbell's red Haro containing a message from Meer saying she was afraid of being killed. Athrun and Meyrin suspected it to be a trap, but Lacus insisted on meeting Meer, with Kira supporting her.[67] As soon as they arrived, Sarah, Meer's bodyguard, had a team of assassins try to kill Lacus. Athrun, Kira, and Meyrin fight them off, protecting Lacus and Meer. Athrun requested backup from the Archangel which sent Neo Roanoke to aid them in the Akatsuki. After his arrival, the badly injured Sarah, made a final attempt to kill Lacus, but Meer was mortally wounded instead.[67]

Shortly after Meer's funeral, Durandal announced his "Destiny Plan" to the world. A radical solution to end all conflict by having people purely follow their most desirable path based on their genetics and talents rather than of their choice. Orb, the Kingdom of Scandinavia, and the Atlantic Federation all denounced Durandal's plan, and Durandal responded by unleashing the captured Requiem on the Atlantic Federation's lunar base at Arzachel, killing its president, Joseph Copeland. Knowing that they would soon follow, Orb ordered their space fleet to stop Durandal from accomplishing the "Destiny Plan" and prevent their destruction. The fleet was soon joined by a portion of the Alliance's remaining space fleet as well as defecting ZAFT ships.[68]

Attack on Requiem Station One and the Battle of Messiah[]

In the final battle, Kira and Athrun first departed to destroy Requiem's relay stations before moving to the weapon itself. Although the Minerva and the Gondwana also arrived to aid the ZAFT forces, Kira and Athrun were able to destroy the first relay station with help from the defecting Yzak and Dearka.[69] Unfortunately, Durandal emerged with the Mobile Space Fortress Messiah and wiped out a chunk of the allied fleet with the new Neo-GENESIS. Before sending in the Destiny and Legend to engage the allied forces.

Kira quickly ordered Athrun and the Archangel to destroy the Requiem immediately, after Athrun realized that they were trapped by ZAFT in an attempt to contain their force while the two superweapons were recharging. Athrun, the Archangel and the rest of the Orb Forces were to split off and destroy the Requiem before it fired, while Kira, together with the Eternal and the ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper squad headed to deal with Messiah and Neo-GENESIS. Due to this, Rey in his Legend Gundam tried to give chase, but was stopped by Kira in his Strike Freedom, literally forcing the split-off with Shinn's Destiny Gundam to chase the Archangel together with the Minerva.[29]

It was then that Kira realized the combat style uncannily resembled Rau Le Creuset's ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam, and was confirmed by Rey himself to be another clone of him. However, knowing about his genetic past allowed him to remind Rey that the life he was given should only be his alone and not someone else's, before destroying all of Legend Gundam's DRAGOONs and taking it out with its DRAGOON Full Burst attack, leaving the Legend severely disabled and unable to battle, Kira then proceeded to destroy Messiah, using his own METEOR unit to destroy its shield, followed by a coordinated missile assault with the Eternal. This occurred shortly after Athrun and Mu, having finally regained his memories, destroy Requiem.[29]

Kira then entered Messiah and exited the Strike Freedom, searching for Gilbert Durandal in the command center. Upon meeting the chairman face-to-face, Durandal complimented Kira's abilities as the Ultimate Coordinator and Lacus's own talents, but Kira responded that they were both normal people. As both draw their guns, Durandal warned Kira that a world, if given the freedom of choice, would always find a way to return to conflict and that by killing him, he would only plunge humanity into chaos once more. Kira swiftly replied that even if mankind would create wars, they could still improve themselves if given the chance, and that no one should be subjected to a future that never changed. When Durandal asked what Kira intended to do should mankind choose the opposite of Kira's statement, Kira replied that he would be ready to fight once more.[29]

While they were debating with each other, Talia Gladys, the captain of the Minerva as well as Durandal's lover, and Rey drew their weapons as Kira and Durandal's debate ended. Ultimately, Rey shot Gilbert, having been enlightened by Kira's words and dreams of a future chosen by their own hand and individuality. Before Kira left the Messiah, Talia asked Kira to tell Murrue Ramius, that she had a son and that she wished the fellow captain to meet him someday. Kira agreed and he left the Messiah in Strike Freedom before it collapsed onto the moon's surface, leaving Gladys, Rey, and Durandal to die together in the fortress. (In the HD Remaster and in Final Plus, Athrun also boards the Messiah to follow Kira and is present when Durandal is shot by Rey, and he also receives Talia Gladys's wish to have Captain Ramius meet Gladys's son someday.)[29]

Second Post War[]

Afterwards, at the ravished Orb memorial previously visited by Shinn and Kira, Athrun introduced Kira to Shinn as the pilot of Freedom. Shinn was stunned by the identity of the pilot whom he tried to defeat numerous times and previously met before without that knowledge. Kira asked Shinn to make peace with him and to join him and Athrun in the fight for humanity's peace, a crying Shinn agreed. Following the end of the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Lacus became the Chairwoman of the PLANT Supreme Council and Kira joined ZAFT, now wearing a white ZAFT Commander uniform reserved for important military officials. When Kira and Lacus saw each other at the PLANTs they immediately rushed toward one another and embraced each other, surprising most of the people present, aside from their close friends.[29][70]

Foundation Conflict[]


Lacus Clyne[]

Kira and Lacus first met when Kira recovered Lacus’ life pod from the wreckage of her destroyed ship and brought her aboard the Archangel.[2] As the only two Coordinators on a ship full of Naturals, Kira took up the responsibility of looking after Lacus, resulting in the two spending a lot of time together and quickly developing a friendship through their appreciation of each other’s personalities. Lacus admired Kira’s kindness and compassion in how he treated her, and Kira valued Lacus’ sincerity and how she saw him as an individual, instead of just a Coordinator.[4] Later, when Kira was in anguish following a battle against Athrun and an antagonistic confrontation with Flay, Lacus comforted him and listened as he shared his woes with her. During the conversation, the two discovered they shared a mutual friend in Athrun Zala and bonded as they told stories about him. Ultimately, Kira, not wanting Lacus to be used as a hostage by the Earth Alliance, chose to liberate her from the Archangel and returned her to ZAFT through Athrun. During the escape, when getting into her spacesuit, Lacus undressed down to her underwear in front of Kira without embarrassment.[19] Later, in her conversations with Athrun, Lacus mentioned how well Kira treated her, noting his kindness and strength,[39] and openly expressed that she was fond of him.[71]
After his battle with Athrun on Earth, Kira was taken to the PLANTs for medical treatment and spent his time recovering at Lacus’ home under her care.[13] During his recovery, Kira opened up to Lacus about the battles he fought and the guilt he felt for the lives he had taken. Lacus acknowledged Kira’s feelings and helped him realize that while he did take lives, there were also people who were still alive because of him. During their time together, Kira and Lacus continued to grow closer as they learned more about one another, culminating in the two developing feelings for each other, with Lacus at one point telling Kira that she thought it would be nice if they could remain as they were forever.[14] When Kira expressed doubt about there being a place where he belonged and questioned if it was alright for him to be with her at her home, Lacus told him that as far as she was concerned it was fine for him to be there. After learning that his friends aboard the Archangel were in danger, Kira told Lacus that he would return to Earth to protect them. Anxious and worried about his decision, Lacus asked him why he would want to return to fighting, to which Kira told her that he couldn’t stand by and do nothing, knowing that apathy and inaction would only cause the conflict to escalate. But he would now be fighting not to destroy an enemy but to protect all life as best he could. Inspired by his determination and understanding his reasons for fighting, Lacus helped Kira steal the Freedom Gundam, believing that its power would best serve him. Before Kira departed, he asked Lacus if she would be alright, to which she told him that she would be fighting for peace in her own way. The two then wished each other luck, and Lacus kissed Kira on the cheek and told him that her strength would be with him, conveying that he held her support and affection.[15]
As a result of her feelings for Kira, Lacus abandoned her relationship with Athrun, and declared to Athrun that she would fight by Kira’s side against him should they be enemies.[72] Following her father’s death, Lacus waited until she was reunited with Kira to mourn, crying on his chest as he held and comforted her.[53] After Kira learned the truth about his origins as the Ultimate Coordinator, he struggled to contain his distress until Lacus told him that he didn’t have to suppress it and comforted him as he released his trauma. Afterward, when Kira began questioning his humanity and right to exist, Lacus opened up to him about her mother, sharing words passed down from her about the inherent meaning of life, and told Kira that as a living being he did have the right to exist. She then confessed that meeting him had made her a happy woman and that she wanted him to stay with her. After hearing this, Kira held Lacus close, accepting the confession and her feelings for him.[21] During the Second Battle of Jachin Due, Kira and Lacus spoke in private and Lacus gave Kira her ring, which once belonged to her mother, and asked him to promise to return to her after the battle had ended. Kira promised to return and kissed Lacus on the cheek before leaving for the battlefield.[56] After the end of the war, Kira and Lacus decided to go into hiding and live a peaceful life.[58]
Kira and Lacus spent the next two years at Reverend Malchio’s Orphanage helping him care for the children.[73] When assassins were sent to kill Lacus, Kira decided to pilot the Freedom again to protect her. However, Lacus was resistant to Kira fighting, knowing what he had experienced in the last war and not wanting to be the cause of him having to suffer again. Understanding her anxiety, Kira assured Lacus that he would be alright. Holding her in his arms, he told her he would fight to protect her, rather than risk her life for his sake. While sad, Lacus understood Kira’s decision and gave him the keys to the Freedom’s hangar.[31] When Lacus decided to leave the Archangel and return to space, Kira was worried that she would be in danger if he weren’t there to protect her. However, Lacus knew that the Archangel would be vulnerable without Kira to protect it and asked him to remain. Despite each other feeling sad at having to be apart, they knew that for the time being, they both had a job that only they could do and accepted it. Before parting ways, Lacus reassured Kira that she would be safe and promised she would return to him.[59] When Kira found out the Eternal was under attack, he rushed into space in Cagalli's Aile Strike Rouge/Strike Rouge Ootori to protect Lacus from danger. Once reunited the two embraced and shared words of happiness at seeing one another again.[65]
During their mission in Copernicus, Lacus received a message from Meer Campbell asking for help. Despite knowing it was a trap, Lacus wanted to meet Meer face to face, believing it was something that needed to be addressed. Knowing that this was important to Lacus, Kira supported her decision, much to Lacus’ appreciation and the two shared a kiss.[67] After Meer was assassinated, Kira comforted Lacus, holding her as she cried on his shoulder and released her sadness.[74] After the end of the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Lacus became the new Chairwoman of the PLANT Supreme Council. Not wanting to be apart, Kira moved to the PLANTs with Lacus and joined ZAFT, becoming a White Uniform Commander. When they saw one another at the PLANTs they immediately ran toward each other and lovingly embraced in front of their friends and other officials.[29]
Throughout their relationship, Kira and Lacus have provided a great deal of loyalty, trust, understanding, and compassion for each other. The two have had good chemistry and communication since their first meeting, in addition to being mutually attracted to one another. As time went on, both grew to be major sources of support for each other, with Lacus giving Kira a feeling of belonging, and Kira inspiring Lacus to fight for what she believes in. Each has become so significant to the other’s life that they’ve both come to value the other’s safety above their own, being fully willing to risk their lives for the other’s sake. As their relationship developed, Kira and Lacus became more physically affectionate with each other, often standing right next to or even holding one another in complete comfort, without any awkwardness or embarrassment. This affection for each other continued to grow to the point where they became completely comfortable being romantically intimate, even when around others.

Flay Allster[]

Kira knew Flay as a fellow student at Heliopolis. He harbored a crush on her, despite her being engaged to his friend Sai. While Flay expressed dislike for Coordinators, Kira felt hurt that he qualified in the category while he wanted her companionship. He received his first kiss from her, followed later by his first sexual experience. Though Flay told him that she would protect him, Flay's feelings were seemingly artificial, an act to get into his mind, creating a development for Kira causing him to fight more aggressively, and kill willingly, later recognized by Kira himself. Despite this initial start to their relationship, Kira's kindness turned Flay around in her opinions and caused her to truly fall in love with him. However, Flay's unwillingness to accept such fate led Kira to break up with her, much to her dismay. But Flay would rethink her opinions about him after his battle against Athrun, in which Tolle was killed and Kira was MIA (and also believed dead by the Archangel staff). Once again, she denied her feelings for him to Sai, which in turn made him angry and sad during Flay's attempts to restore their relationship. Eventually, the feelings she was trying to hide resurfaced when she heard that Kira was still alive and attempted to save her during the Battle of Mendel. During the final battle of the war, Kira initially saved her when Rau in his Providence Gundam tried to destroy her ship, but unfortunately, Rau struck once again when Kira was off guard and Flay died in the explosion of the ship, with Kira watching in horror. In another plane of perception, she apologized for her actions to him and pledges to protect him. Kira entered SEED mode again and defeated Rau, avenging her death. His inability to save her life was a traumatic experience for Kira because he failed to fulfill his promise of protecting his friends once again.

Cagalli Yula Athha[]

Even before learning they were siblings, Cagalli and Kira have had a bond with one another. Cagalli provided an ear to listen, and a shoulder to lean on when Kira needed to speak his woes. This led to a greater care between one another later on, such as Cagalli showing great sorrow when she thought Kira had died. Their bond tightened further after learning of their shared past, and the two became dedicated to protecting one another in battles.

Athrun Zala[]

Kira and Athrun share a similar compassion and desire for peace, appalling war, and killing. Because of this, they meet each other ideally often, which results in joining sides. When enemies, they are known to hesitate in attacking each other and prefer offering the other the chance to stand down without fighting. The deaths of Nicol Amalfi and Tolle Koenig put a strain on their relationship, even after joining forces, the two expressing how they aren't sure if they can forgive what the other had done, and even saying they felt like killing each other. On the battlefield, their connection shows well as they can naturally play off of the other's moves for a strong team-up and combination attacks. Even though they were enemies and eventually allies, Kira and Athrun had a brotherly relationship such as having concern for each other's well-being or fighting as though they were rivals.
During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Kira and Athrun fought each other again in an awkward situation where an enraged Shinn Asuka in his Destiny Gundam engaged against Kira in his new Strike Freedom Gundam and Athrun intended to stop them both. But later, they would eventually join sides again as brothers-in-army to stop the conflict between ZAFT, Earth Alliance, and the Orb.

Tolle Koenig[]

Tolle was one of Kira's closest friends, part of his inner circle while attending college at Heliopolis. Tolle was very supportive and friendly to Kira, and always stuck his neck out to defend Kira, such as vouching for him to be good when it was revealed Kira was a Coordinator to the Archangel crew. He was also very willing to risk his life in helping Kira on the battlefield by supporting him in a Skygrasper after receiving some training and the means to pilot. Tolle's untimely death was enough of a push on Kira's emotions to make him berserk in anger, willing to furiously kill his best friend, Athrun Zala, out of revenge.

Miriallia Haw[]

Miriallia is a good friend of Kira's who attended the same university at Heliopolis. During her time on the Archangel, Miriallia, along with the rest of the crew, grew to rely on Kira for their continued survival, and would become afraid for the ship's safety when he wasn't there. When Kira attempted to liberate Lacus from her captivity aboard the Archangel, Miriallia, along with Sai, chose to help Kira. After finding out that Athrun was the one to kill Tolle, Miriallia was compelled by Kira's words not to seek revenge for Tolle's death, knowing that it wouldn't amount to anything except to continue the cycle of hatred and bloodshed.
After the war, Kira and Miriallia kept in contact, and during the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Kira brought Miriallia back to the Archangel where she resumed her post as the ship's CIC operator. After returning to the Archangel, she told Kira that she'd do her best to protect the ship that meant so much to her in her own way, just as he did. Implying that she had been inspired by Kira's actions to fight for what she cared for.

Sai Argyle[]

Kira and Sai were once good friends, but when Flay took advantage of Kira's stress with the war, he and Sai ended up in a fallout when Sai learned about Kira and Flay spending the night together. Sai later tried to move the Strike, but couldn't do it. Sai says to Kira one last time that he was counting on him. After Kira went missing, Flay tried to restart their relationship, but Sai refused to believe her and was furious at Flay for saying that Kira wasn't the one she wanted. After Kira returned, Sai told Kira that he was sad to hear about his "death" and that he felt useless and couldn't do things like Kira could. However, Kira told him he had gifts as well and could do things he couldn't. Kira and Sai finally make peace with other and remain on good terms while remaining in service.

Mu La Flaga[]

Mu was an early motivator for Kira as he struggled to get inside a cockpit and fight. He taught Kira lessons of war and battle that ultimately helped the young pilot to decide what was worth fighting for. The two had an unspoken warrior bond as they relied on each other's support and abilities in battle, successfully protecting the Archangel. Mu had a strong respect and concern for Kira; amazed by his potent piloting abilities and willingness to fight for the crew, but also worried about the mental effects taking toll on him. Whenever Kira was troubled by a situation or stress, he would always come to help him.
During the Second Alliance-PLANT War Kira was surprised to see that Mu had somehow survived his supposed death, albeit with the mistaken identity of Neo. In spite of this, Kira still often referred to Neo as "Mu", despite the captured Alliance commander denying the name.

Rau Le Creuset[]

Kira and Rau had a strong discontent for each other. Rau's strongest desire was to erase Kira from existence, calling him the reason people hate and kill, believing Kira's genetic superiority is what all man craves and wants to surpass. Kira in retaliation believed Rau to be insane, claiming genetics are not what defines people. Rau had an uncanny way of getting into Kira's head, and under his skin mentally. Kira's hatred for Rau became solidified when Rau needlessly killed Flay Allster, just to make Kira suffer. In the end, due to his insanity, nihilistic and genocidal desires, Kira determined Rau could not be allowed to live, and willingly killed Rau to rid the world of his dark influences and wrath.

Shinn Asuka[]

Shinn and Kira share a feeling of melancholy about death and destruction, but opposite ideals when Shinn desires to destroy in retaliation, while Kira wants to rebuild. Knowing each other primarily as enemies in mobile suits, Shinn had a hatred for Kira and his methods of seizing battles, as well as killing Stella Loussier. But in the end, Kira was able to successfully share his ideals of rebuilding the future with Shinn. The two finally became friends and allies, as Shinn accepted Kira's offer to join him on this mission. While the two coincidentally met in Orb, Kira sensed Shinn's deep sadness when he noted that "no matter how beautiful the flowers are, people will keep destroying them". When they are finally introduced, Kira responds to Shinn's phrase with "No matter how many times people will destroy flowers, we will always come to keep planting them".
In scenarios where they interact after being introduced, Shinn speaks in a surprisingly polite tone to Kira, treating Kira much more respectfully than the rest of his friends. In the Omake Quarters Drama CD., Shinn also expresses surprise at how gentle of a person Kira is.

Rey Za Burrel[]

Rey, inheriting the sins of Rau before him, had a passed down hatred for Kira, not only for reasons of ideals, but also for killing Rau. Kira's alleged Newtype powers were able to sense the pain and hatred in Rey, and even sensed the lingering influence of Rau le Creuset in Rey's mind. In the end, though, Kira's words and ideals were able to reach Rey's mind and heart, breaking him free of the binds of his predecessor. Rey eventually assisted Kira in taking down Gilbert Durandal, having belief in Kira's way, now knowing he didn't have to be Rau's ghost anymore.

Gilbert Durandal[]

Before ever meeting in person, Gilbert was aware of Kira’s origins as the Ultimate Coordinator, having worked at the Mendel colony where Kira was born.[65] Gilbert viewed Kira in a negative light, almost pitying him as he believed Kira was not raised to bring his inherent abilities to fruition and lived at the mercy of the world.[75] Kira in contrast greatly distrusted Gilbert following the assassination attempt on Lacus and his use of a Lacus lookalike, Meer Campbell.[23] Despite Athrun trying to convince him that Gilbert was a trustworthy man, Kira remained suspicious, believing Gilbert was using the war to carry out his own agenda,[27] eventually revealed to be the Destiny Plan. Their conflict came to the forefront during the Battle of Messiah, where the two confronted each other in a battle of ideology, Kira believing that each individual should choose what they want to do with their life, while Gilbert believed humankind was unable to govern itself and could only flourish through a system dictated by their genetics. Their conflict came to an end when Rey, who had been Gilbert's most loyal follower, shot him after being convinced by Kira's vision of a future where people could live freely.[29]


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Notes & Trivia[]

  • Like Luke Skywalker of Star Wars, he was raised by his aunt and uncle whereas his twin sister was adopted by politicians.
  • In the history of Gundam, Kira is the first protagonist character that joined his antagonist group (ZAFT) that he had been fighting against in both wars. Yet he didn't have much of a choice since his love interest Lacus Clyne becomes Chairwoman of the PLANTs. However, it should be noted that, despite being non-canon, the crew of the White Base joined the Char Aznable-lead Principality of Zeon at the end of the novel version of Mobile Suit Gundam with the exception of Amuro Ray, who is killed before the story's end, and Kai Shiden, who returns to Earth, having gotten tired of the fighting.
  • Kira and Lacus were never shown to have kissed each other on the lips in Gundam SEED. But in the Gundam SEED Character Theater, it was shown that Kira and Lacus kiss each other on the lips. Furthermore, Sunrise released an official image of the couple about to kiss.
    • Kira and Lacus have kissed off-screen in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, The Song of Truth at 15:19-15:21. The kiss is audible in the background.
    • Kira and Lacus had their first on-screen kiss on the lips during the epilogue of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom.
  • The Astray X manga features mercenary Canard Pars, the only failed Ultimate Coordinator prototype known to survived. Canard, consumed by an inferiority complex and hatred towards Kira, and constantly thought fruitlessly searches for him with the intention to defeat him and become the true Ultimate Coordinator. During the course of the series he abandons this goal and finally comes to terms with himself. It is unknown whether Kira is aware of Canard's existence. However, the two Ultimate Coordinators meet directly each other in Super Robot Wars W, as rivals at first, and as allies after Canard joins Valstrok (the battleship of the game's protagonists', Kazuma and Mihiro) as has been done previously by Kira.
  • Matt Hill voices Soarin' in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, alongside SEED voice actresses, Maryke Hendrikse who voices Spitfire, Tabitha St. Germain who voices Rarity and Chantal Strand who voices Diamond Tiara. These three voice Lunamaria Hawke, Flay Allster and Lacus Clyne respectively.
  • Kira Yamato, has been ranked among the most popular of anime characters. He's been placed first in male character rankings from issues of NewType Magazine for the last decade up until January 2015 when he was surpassed by Bellri Zenam.[76]
  • In many installments of the Super Robot Wars franchise, Kira has been called out on his actions during various moments of both Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. One of the more recognizable moments has Kamille Bidan, Quatre Raberba Winner, and Neon Genesis Evangelion's Shinji Ikari berate Kira when he attempts to talk down to Sai when he had the mental breakdown about how no one understands how he was thrust into a war as one of the two sole defenders of the Archangel when the rest of them assures they went through the same things as he did.
  • Kira's Japanese voice actor, Soichiro Hoshi is also the voice actor for Brera Sterne in Macross Frontier. Both Kira and Brera are rivals to the protagonists of their respective series and both pilot mecha that are technologically more advanced than most other mecha in their respective series; the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom and the VF-27γ Lucifer. The two met and serve as formidable characters in Super Robot Wars L, Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei-hen, Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen and Another Century's Episode: R.
  • Kira appears to be capable of displaying some Newtype abilities such as the flash effect when he launches Strike Freedom's Super DRAGOONs for the first time. He was also able to sense the presences of those who are also presumed to be Newtypes such as Mu La Flaga/Neo Roanoke and Rey Za Burrel which also led to speculation that he is a Newtype.
  • Unlike in the TV series, in Super Robot Wars J Kira was first aroused his SEED Factor at his battle with Andrew Waltfeld's BuCUE.
  • In some Super Robot Wars series, Kira was rescued by different characters after his brutal battle with Athrun in Orb, which resulted in the destruction of their units, GAT-X105 Strike and GAT-X303 Aegis. Only in Super Robot Wars W was he rescued by Lowe Guele, the person who saved him in the original story.
  • There is a curious occurrence of him surviving battles in his mobile suit which would normally kill the pilot.
    • In conjunction with this, several instances of him single-handedly defeating scores of units within a few seconds, and several loopholes in the plot of SEED Destiny, western fans have jokingly referred to Kira as "Jesus Yamato" as well as creating a "Church" where its believers insist that Kira is the best Gundam protagonist in the franchise's history.
  • Kira has been memed upon due to the harsh and drawn out execution of his crying scene from Crossroads. In a running gag during the Gundam Seed Radio, several other cast members would make their attempts to imitate infamous crying scene.
  • In most video games such as the Super Robot Wars series, every enemy units that was defeated by Kira will explode without remnants, just as if the unit was defeated by the other characters. A contradiction to Kira's habit to spare his opponents' life. However, it should be noted that one of his mainstay spells is "Mercy", which allows an opponent to stay alive with 10 HP should Kira's attack be enough to kill them, which goes along with his character.
    • In reference to his no kill rule, there is a hidden unique mechanic to his build. He doesn't gain bonus morale for defeating an opponent like other characters do, to resemble his sparing nature. To balance, Kira has higher base stats, likely referencing to his status as the Ultimate Coordinator.
  • Kira won the Anime Grand Prix award as the best male anime character in 2002 and 2005, and was selected as the runner-up in 2003, 2004, and 2006. An achievement that has not been exceeded by any other male Gundam characters so far. His achievements have only been exceeded by his lover, Lacus Clyne, who won the award in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006 and won the 2nd place several times as the best female anime character.
  • Kira is second protagonist of Gundam series ever to win Animage's Anime Grand Prix Award besides Kamille Bidan who had won in Animage's Anime Grand Prix 1986. Another Gundam series character who ever won the same tribute are Duo Maxwell, Athrun Zala, Four Murasame, Elpeo Ple and Lacus Clyne, where none of them have played a role as the protagonist in their series.
  • The only moment where Kira is seen wearing the ZAFT red pilot suit in the anime is during his first action with the Freedom Gundam.
  • In the omake Gundam SEED Character Theater, it is implied that spicy foods are Kira's favorite.
  • A recurring joke in Dynasty Warriors Gundam: Reborn had Kira depicted as being very humble about formalities, constantly dismissing formal titles and ranks from his peers and subordinates, such as Admiral Yamato and Mr. Yamato. He always replied to it with insistence that he just be called Kira.
  • The character Tusk from Sunrise's CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon anime is based off of Kira. Both characters have short brown hair and purple eyes, are highly skilled fighters and come from a subspecies of human that are heavily discriminated against (albeit in inverse genetic positions). Both characters have also miraculously survived from sure-death encounters and have had sex on-screen (Tusk with Ange, Kira with Flay).
  • Kira Yamato is one of the main characters that didn't make a voiced appearance in the Message from GUNDAM "BEYOND" PSA.
  • Kira appears in the Extreme Vs. series as the pilot of the Strike Freedom, Freedom, and Strike and its Striker packs, including the prototype IWSP pack. In Maxi Boost ON, Freedom and Strike Freedom Kira gained the ability to activate SEED mode separately from burst, allowing the unit to gain a significant amount of speed and boost temporarily, though the unit will take more damage in the next hit, and the buff will wear off if it is hit. As a trade-off, SEED mode can only be activated once per life.
    • Freedom Kira and Yzak are surprised to be paired together, with neither imagining such an event would occur.
    • Freedom Kira will mirror Athrun by asking Impulse Shinn why he wields his power. He also tells Shinn that a battlefield isn't a place where people show off their talents.
    • Freedom Kira notes that Sven Cal Bayang's heart is incredibly cold. He also tells him that he isn't some sort of machine designed only to fight.
    • Strike Freedom Kira wonders why Canard Pars has a strong grudge against him, but he senses an odd connection with the pilot.
  • To obtain the "Seed Mode" variant of the Kira Yamato (First SEED Anime) AI Pilot in Gundam Breaker Mobile, players must build it from event blueprints during a limited time when it is available as a build project. This is resource-intensive process, as each part requires a combination of twelve total Material which can only be obtained by rolling the current gacha capsules on specific weeks to get the number of necessary material for the part. It would take at least twelve rolls over four weeks to craft the AI.


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