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Kinue Crossroad (絹江・クロスロード Kinue Kurosurōdo?) is a fictional character of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Kinue is the older sister to Saji and a JNN reporter who pursue the truth behind Aeolia Schenberg and Celestial Being.

Personality & Character

As a JNN (Japan News Network) reporter, Kinue is determined to find the hard evidence and facts for a good story. Kinue is strong-willed and stubborn, not letting even the fact that Linear Train Industries is a shareholder in JNN stop her from her Aeolia Schenberg investigation. Kinue is also caring towards her younger brother Saji, who she is forced to take care of after the imprisonment and death of their father.

Skills & Abilities

As a journalist, she's a trained reporter and has strong investigative skills. At home, she can cook and often prepare meals for Saji whenever she has time.


Aeolia Schenberg Investigation

She was obsessed with Celestial Being's founder, Aeolia Schenberg. She believes that by investigating into Aeolia Schenberg, she can uncover the true motives of Celestial Being. Through her investigation, she interviewed Schenberg's great grandson and other people possibly linking to either the Gundams or Schenberg. Her leads became more deadly when her last two leads were killed (unknown to her). A pilot that was involved in attempting to capture the Gundams managed to overhear Nena’s conversation with Haro, referring to someone named Laguna. She suspected that Laguna Harvey, president of Linear Train Industries, is somehow connected to this and wanted to interview him. She couldn’t get permission to interview him, but saw Ali al-Saachez leaving from his estate and hoped to get any sort of information from him.


Kinue stopped Ali's car and asked for an interview. Ali (under his alias, Gary Biaggi) pretended to be in a hurry and agreed to answer her questions if she rides along with him and she accepted. While driving, Kinue asked about his meeting with Laguna Harvey and he revealed a lot more than she expected. Ali mentioned about GN Drives, his relationship with Setsuna's past, and his love for combat. He took Kinue to an undisclosed dark alleyway where he stabbed her, broke her phone and left her to bleed to death. As she was dying, she tried to reach for a photo of her family and died from excessive bleeding. She was later found by authorities and her body identified by Saji at the morgue. While not mentioned, it's presume Saji had Kinue's body delivered back to Japan for a proper burial back home.


Saji blamed Celestial Being for her death, as he was told by Kinue's boss of her investigation into Aeolia Schenberg; it convinced him that Kinue got too close to the truth and was killed for it. Saji ultimately never found out who was Kinue's murderer, Ali al-Saachez, but Ali was eventually killed by Lyle Dylandy for different reasons.


Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations

Main article: Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations Kinue was a citizen to the Union.

Saji Crossroad
She is the older sister to Saji, and often cooks and prepares meals for him. She cares for him deeply and makes sure he stays out of trouble.
Louise Halevy
Louise has a relationship with Kinue's little brother. She often wonders whether Saji picked the right girl.

Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being Kinue investigated Aeolia Schenberg, who was the founder of Celestial Being and its ideology.

Aeolia Schenberg
She was constantly investigating Aeolia Schenberg, which later led to her death.
Laguna Harvey
She suspected that Laguna Harvey, president of Linear Train Industries, is somehow connected to Aeolia Schenberg and Celestial Being, and wanted to have an interview with him.
Setsuna F. Seiei
Setsuna is the next door neighbor to Kinue, though it is never shown whether they meet in person or not.

PMC Trust

Main article: PMC Trust

Ali al-Saachez
She tried getting a interview with him, he accepted and she took a ride with him. When she did, Ali told her everything he knew. After the interview Ali took her to a dark alleyway where he stabbed and killed her.

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  • Aya Endo also voices Mirai Kamiki on Gundam Bulid Fighters Try.


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