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The Kingdom of Suille (Arabic: مملكة سوءيل Mamlukah Su'il) was a Middle Eastern country thought to occupy a region within the Arabian Peninsula. It was one of the last Middle Eastern nations in the Anno Domini timeline that has its own military and financial influence in the world. The Suille royalty was one of the few influential forces that openly disagrees with the Earth Sphere Federation.


Federation Opposition

Suille has always had a strong military and had relied on the export of raw minerals in the area, rather than fossil fuels that the other countries relied on. Because of this, Suille could easily oppose the Earth Sphere Federation. However, in the interests of the Innovators to lead a "unified" world, this opposition had to be destroyed.

Katharon Meeting

Though the Federation censored information in the Middle East from the general public, the Katharon was confident that they could strike an alliance with Suille to expose A-Laws in AD 2312.

Destruction of Suille

The Kingdom of Suille was deemed a potential threat to the Federation. To ensure the country would never become a problem, A-Laws decided to use their new satellite weapon, Memento Mori, against the country. While the Suille royal family was still busy talking to Katharon members about means to combat the Federation's silent unification wars, the Memento Mori was fired while being in orbit directly above the country. In mere seconds, the Suille royalty and Katharon rebels heard and saw a beam of great intensity coming towards them. Before anyone could react, the Memento Mori vaporized the entire country, leaving a gigantic crater behind. There was no news or reports about the end of Suille, only Katharon and Celestial Being knew the truth. The Federation controlled territories had censored all information regarding the subject, letting Suille become another silent victim of Memento Mori and the A-Laws. The truth about the fate of Suille was revealed only after the capture of Veda.

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