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The Kingdom of Scandinavia is one of Earth's largest Neutral Entities nations in Cosmic Era. It composes the old Earth nations of Sweden, Norway and Finland. It has strong diplomatic relations with Orb Union. This was shown when it accepts refugees and offers aid for the rebuilding of Orb Union before and after the Earth Alliance attack in CE 71. The Kingdom of Scandinavia is also the birthplace of Former PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne.


First Alliance-PLANT War

At the start, it was among the neutral nations, besides the Equatorial Union and Orb, prior to allying with the increasingly aggressive Earth Alliance.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

At the beginning of the Second Alliance-PLANT War the Archangel hides underwater at the coast of Scandinavia. The king of Scandinavia and a selected few in the Scandinavian government are the only ones aware of this and keep it a secret. After Durandal's announcement of his Destiny Plan, the Kingdom of Scandinavia instantly rejects the plan before the Orb Union.

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