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U.C. 0079.07.21 - 0079.07.26, Sgt. Rayban Surat is transferred to the 1st Platoon, 301st Tank Squadron of the Federation's 44th Hybrid Regiment to become the driver for Lt. Harmon Yandell, a seasoned ace of the Type 61 "M61A5" main battle tank. However, Yandell is a man with his own demon — he survived an encounter with Zeon's feared "White Ogre" Cpt. Elmer Snell at the cost of his left leg, and sees himself as a homeless dead man walking. His previous drivers have either been killed, or gone insane seeing the Death Deity haunting Yandell's back. After seeing Yandell's irrational behavior, Surat asked his commanding superior, Col. Colmatta, to relieve Yandell's command. Instead of doing so, Colmatta approved Yandell's mad plan to launch a night assault on the oncoming Zeon force, led by no other but "White Ogre".

Yandell's tank squadron ambushed Snell's Zaku tri-squad at a plain where the Federation suffered a major defeat the previous day. Using the residual heat of tank wreckages as cover, the Type 61s fought a very disadvantaged battle and managed to destroy two of the Zakus. Eventually only Yandell's tank and Snell's Zaku remain, and one bazooka shot from Snell appears to have put an end to Yandell. However Yandell fakes death and surprises Snell from behind, killing him. Shouting triumphantly and hysterically, Yandall hails his apparent liberation from the curses and rebirth, only to be killed when a Zeon patrol sneak up and fires a rocket at his tank. Surat jumps into a nearby pit and survives the battle.

The plot of this episode is remarkably similar to the story of Moby Dick.

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