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Killing (キリング Kiringu?) is a character who appears Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.


While Lieutenant Colonel Killing was a part of Kycilia Zabi's Mobile Assault Force, he personally worships Gihren Zabi and is heavily influenced by his ideology.

A ruthless and intimidating Zeon officer, Killing launches Operation Rubicon in December U.C. 0079 in an attempt to capture the Earth Federation's newest mobile suit, Gundam "Alex". When Operation Rubicon fails, Killing murders his superior, Major General Rugens, and prepares a nuclear attack on Side 6, despite nuclear weapons being banned under the Antarctic Treaty and Side 6 being declared off-limits to either side of the conflict. Killing orders the launch for 12:00 am on Christmas Day to be carried out by Colonel Von Helsing's fleet; however, Federation forces capture Von Helsing's fleet a few hours before the proposed launch and secure the nuclear weapons.

Killing's fate is not shown in War in the Pocket. In MS ERA pictorial, upon hearing of the death of Gihren Zabi, he immediately commits suicide in front of his portrait by shooting himself. However, the Gundam Perfect File treats Killing's suicide with some level of skepticism, noting that there are many unclear points surrounding his death, and that the possibility that Killing was murdered (and set up to look like suicide) cannot be ruled out.

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  • In SD Gundam G Generation's adaptation of War in the Pocket, Killing is often shown personally leading the nuclear attack fleet, allowing the player to kill him.


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