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Kiki Rosita (キキ・ロジータ Kiki Rojīta?)[1] is a supporting character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. She participated in the One Year War as an anti-Zeon guerrilla fighter.

Personality & Character

Kiki is an energetic and spirited teenage girl. She became acquainted with Shiro Amada when she was seen bathing at her favorite watering hole, and was attracted to his frankness and lack of arrogance, which is common among soldiers. However, because of her intelligence, she knew from the beginning that Shiro had a woman in mind, and her awareness (or belief) that she was immature in her age and not attractive enough as a woman to be in a rough situation helped her not to confess her feelings. In addition, despite her tomboyish personality, Kiki also possesses a strong maternal and caring side and is extremely good with caring for and interacting with children.


A resident of the jungles of Southeast Asia. In place of her injured father, Baresto, she is the frontline commander of a local guerrilla group. Kiki herself participates in the resistance, largely as reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. Her young age and youthful appearance often lead to soldiers assuming she is no threat, an advantage she often uses.

Kiki first met Shiro Amada when he, lost in the jungle, stumbled upon her bathing in a lake; Kiki, upon noticing him, chases him away with her gun.[2] They would later meet again while Shiro was on another mission; this time, Kiki caught him by surprise and, with the help of fellow guerrillas, captured him and took him back to the village. As Shiro pled for his release and promising a partnership, it was Kiki who proposed taking him up on it.[3] From then on, Kiki partnered with the 08th Mobile Suit Team, acting as an intermediary for them and the guerrillas and helping when she can.

Late in the series, a trio of Zeon soldiers— Topp, Dell and Arth— arrive in her village requesting supplies, unaware that the village is a guerrilla base. The encounter is tense, and after Arth assaults Kiki, the guerrillas open fire. Kiki escapes, but the ensuing battle leaves all other combatants dead, including her father.[4] A broken and grief-stricken Kiki retires from fighting to help rebuild the village with the other survivors, and says goodbye to Shiro after thanking him and his team for saving them.

Following the end of the war, she refused to accept Shiro's presumed death and joins Michel Ninorich in his search. The duo eventually locate Shiro and the now-pregnant Aina Sahalin, now living in a log cabin nestled deep within the mountains.[5] Though Kiki is deeply distraught to see Shiro and Aina in a relationship, she is nonetheless happy to see him alive.


The 08th MS Team Novelization differs in several ways from the OVA, with the darkest and most drastic change involving Kiki. She is captured and gang raped by Federation soldiers, and in the middle of the horrific ordeal, commits suicide by biting her tongue. The event inevitably creates disgust and far more distrust towards the Federation by the guerillas.


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