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Kei Karima (カリマ・ケイ Karima Kei?) is a character that appears in Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Personality & Character

Kei is the leader of Team Great K from Honmoku Academy. He is very boastful about his piloting skills and very disrespectful of fighters whose skills he deem to be beneath him, evidently from him challenging Team Try Fighters to a battle only because they had fought Saga Adou, a worthy adversary in his opinion, once before, further ridiculing them that he would not even bother if they have not. He is arrogant enough to even insult his opponents, even Wilfrid Kijima who is obviously a better pilot, by goading him to fight at his fullest while he has no intention of doing so himself and do not even bother fighting with his first choice Gunpla, just so that he can properly gauge his opponent's abilities.

Kei has a tendency to be forgettable by others, seen despite him thinking highly of himself and making his presence known to his opponents at every opportunity in what he deems a cool manner, he gets embarrassed instead as few remember his name and worse still, few even remember seeing him fight anywhere.


Kei was first seen touching up on his Vagan Gear K model in preparation for the nationals.

Day 4th of the Gunpla Battle Tournament

He created the Vagan Gear K to defeat the Gunpla Academy, and did not anticipate that he would lose in battle. During the match, he was easily defeated by Shia's GNW-100P G-Portent.

Meijin Cup

Kei built a 1/144 XMA-01 Rafflesia and used it as his entry for the tournament. However, due to the kit being too big to fit in a glass case, it was disqualified. Upon learning this, Kei demanded to know why he's not the champion and attacks everyone with his Rafflesia's Bugs. Shimon uses the Destiny Impulse to destroy some Bugs, aided by Yomi in the LM312V04 Amethyst Victory Gundam. A RGM-109 Heavygun is rescued by Captain Char as the Gundam Albion and Unicorn Gundam destroy most of the Bugs. A RX-105 Ξ Gundam joins in with the Shiki triplets in destroying the Rafflesia.[1]




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