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Kazami Torimachi (トリマチ・カザミ?) is a character in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE television series. He is the builder and pilot of the ZGMF-X19AK Gundam Justice Knight and the Gundam Aegis Knight.

Personality & Character

A lighthearted Diver who looks up to Captain Zeon, a popular Diver who streams on a video sharing service run by GBN called G-Tube, and aims to become a hero while wandering from party to party. He hates the sea, despite his father being a fisherman and he isn't the best when it comes to teamwork and cooperation. His battle records are far from being spectacular, but he manages to enjoy GBN with his happy-go-lucky personality.[1]

Skills & Abilities

Kazami has decent gunpla building and fighting skills. However, because he tends to rush into battle, he ends up losing quickly. He soon grows out of this though.


Kazami is the son of a fisherman who decides to join GBN. At first, he goes from force to force trying to prove himself as a hero, but inevitably becomes a solo player. At the start of Re:Rise, he is seen watching Hiroto's battle and later tries to get him to join him in a mission. However, Hiroto refuses and logs out. The next day, Kazami tracks Hiroto down and convinces him to tag along with him to find a hidden mission. Hiroto reluctantly agrees and the pair soon find themselves transported to an unknown area along with May and Parviz after receiving a call from Freddy.


Hiroto Kuga

At first, Kazami and Hiroto don't really get along because Kazami doesn't listen to Hiroto and Hiroto doesn't really think much of Kazami. However, they later develop a friendship.


Notes & Trivia

  • The Gunplas that Kazami used for battle are derived from mobile suits piloted by Athrun Zala.


  1. HG 1/144 ZGMF-X19AK Gundam Justice Knight Assembly Guide

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