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Buran Blutarch is overseeing the repairs being made to his Asshimar unit, when Rosamia Badam appears. She bothers Buran with unstable personality quirks that make him wonder if those are side effects from the experimental nature of the Cyber-Newtypes.

Meanwhile, Amuro and Hayato are having a friendly conversation. Amuro suggests that Hayato wants him to get used to combat once again, since he hasn't touched a mobile-suit in seven years. Quattro requests their presence at the hangar, where Kamille and Katz talk about the crew of the White Base and their old experiences.

Quattro and Hayato discuss about their destination, Hickory, and Quattro wonders if they will get information from Kai once they get there. According to Hayato, Kai is conducting investigations on the whereabouts of the Titan's true base.

Amuro is finally left alone with Char, who tells him that Amuro's current lacking spirit serves only to help the Titans. Even Kamille is let down by Amuro's depressing attitude, and runs off as they talk.

At the Sudori, Rosamia wonders about what would happen if the AEUG's Garuda makes it across the Pacific Ocean, but Buran assures her that this can't happen, telling her about one of the Titan's bases at New Guinea.

The next day, a biplane belonging to the Karaba approaches the Audhumla. Hayato givers the plane permission to land aboard the ship, and the crew is introduced to it's pilot, Beltorchika Irma, a messager from Hickory. She tells them that Hickory's shuttle is capable of sending three mobile suits into space, and acts particularly interested in Amuro.

Beltorchika is glad that Amuro and the rest of the crew all look and act like normal people, instead of soldiers bloodthirsty for war, but senses in Quattro something different, before being assured by Amuro that this is not the case. Meanwhile, Rosamia leaves the Sudori in a reckless attack while the Audhumla flies over San Francisco.

Against his better judgement, Katz launches in the Gundam Mk-II to sortie against Rosamia's Gaplant. Beltorchika is shocked to sense an immense fear of fighting emanating from Amuro, who can't do nothing but watch as Kamille launches in Apolly's Rick Dias to help.

As Katz fails to properly defend himself against Rosamia, she correctly assumes that it must be a different pilot in the Gundam Mk-II. The Hyaku Shiki and the Rick Dias intervene, and Katz manages to hit Rosamia's Gaplant by sensing where she would appear, giving Kamille the chance to strike the mobile suit down, but Rosamia manages to eject in time.

Buran concludes that Rosamia's overagressiveness is what lead to her defeat, and wonders if Cyber-Newtypes can really be of any use. At the Audhumla, Hayato and the others violently reprimand Katz for his actions. Amuro leaves the hangar, as Char wonders when Amuro will go back to his usual self.

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  • Script: Miho Maruo & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Osamu Sekita
  • Animation Director: Hiroyuki Kitazume