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Katharon is a prominent anti-Earth Sphere Federation military resistance organization formed in the wake of the advent of the A-Laws in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


A rebel group that has been fighting against the unilateral suppression of the Earth Sphere Federation Forces and autonomous peacekeeping force, the A-Laws, in various parts of the world. Its member consist primarily of people from non-Earth Sphere Federation affiliated nations as well as those from the three major powers (the Union, Human Reform League, and AEU) that are dissatisfied with the Earth Sphere Federation's policies. Due to the lack of GN Drive Tau-equipped mobile suits available outside Federation control, Katharon is forced to use outdated conventional mobile suits instead. Later, with the dismantling of A-Laws, they made peace with the Federation Forces. It is no longer a dissident force, but is now active as one of the political parties in the Federation Council.


  • Klaus Grad - Member of Katharon's Middle East third branch and subsequently leader of the remaining Katharon forces.
  • Shirin Bakhtiar - Political adviser and coordinator to Princess Marina Ismail of Azadistan. After the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation, she left Marina's side to find another way to help her country. Later on, she became a member of Katharon.
  • Lyle Dylandy - Double agent, a spy of Katharon and Gundam Meister to Celestial Being.
  • Eddie Miyasaka - Space engineer and co-worker of Saji Crossroad, Eddie is actually a former worker of the Union army, but joined Katharon.
  • Ikeda - Correspondent for the Japan News Network (JNN) in season 1, and a member of the rebel group Katharon in season 2.
  • Division Head Mahal - Section Chief for Katharon's base near Suihr.


Katharon was created when the A-Laws began abusing their power to massacre innocents and force unallied nations to be assimilated into the Federation. Their main goal was to depose the government, but the A-Laws had them outmatch, both in technology and numbers.

After learning that Celestial Being had reappeared to fight the A-Laws, a new hope arose for Katharon. One of their contacts, Lyle Dylandy (the second Lockon Stratos), provided them with information on Celestial Being's raid on a Federation prison, during which Katharon members took advantage of the chaos to free the other prisoners.


Katharon assisted Celestial Being by warding off the A-Laws during one of their attacks. Celestial Being brought the fugitives Marina Ismail and Saji Crossroad to Katharon's Middle East base. After some introductions, Klaus Grad, a top-ranking member of Katharon's Middle East third branch, tried to win over Celestial Being's support in overthrowing the Federation government; however, he was rejected, as Celestial Being's current objective is simply the annihilation of the A-Laws.

During the conflict, their asteroid base, "Lazerous", was destroyed by an A-Laws detachment. Later on, their Middle Eastern base is overrun by the A-Laws' automatons. The survivors evacuated to the base near Suille.

Following the annihilation of the Suille's capital by Memento Mori, Klaus became the leader of the Middle East third branch, and the Katharon dispatched their entire space fleet to destroy the superweapon. Unfortunately, the dominance the A-Laws have generally maintained over Katharon is made all the more apparent, as half of Katharon's second space fleet is destroyed by Momento Mori in one attack, and more than 93% of their missiles fired at the weapon are intercepted by the defensive fleet and mobile suits. The rest of the space fleet suffers heavy damage from the A-Laws defenders. Only the intervention of Celestial Being did the rest of the fleet survived and the superweapon destroyed.

Katharon later received word from a number of Federation dissidents that they were planning a coup d'état to unseat the Federation government. Klaus was willing to accept their help, as they had few options left.

Soon enough the coup d'état faction seized control of the orbital elevator in Africa, planning on having the civilians witness the brutality of the A-Laws and tell the world about it. Katharon assisted in the battle against the Federation loyalists. Unfortunately, the A-Laws fired at the elevator with a second Memento Mori, causing the elevator's superstructure to auto-purge its hull. Only the urging of Celestial Being made the combatants work together to protect the nearby cities from the fallout.

Nonetheless, the disaster allowed the Federation to grant the A-Laws total control of the Earth Sphere Federation Forces, enabling them to hunt down Katharon cells one by one. However, the general populace had been crying out for peace, due to the spread of a song Marina Ismail had composed with the orphans.

The remaining members of Katharon, led by Klaus, headed into space, where the A-Laws were focusing all their attention on destroying Celestial Being. Working with the remnants of the coup d'état faction led by Kati Mannequin, they caught the A-Laws unaware and took full advantage of the anti-GN particle cloud which the A-Laws set up to nullify GN particle-based weaponry, turning their tactics against them. Then suddenly, a massive particle beam comes from the dark side of the moon, annihilating the A-Laws fleet and destroying one Katharon cruiser. The beam's source reveals itself as a massive colony ship, Celestial Being. Celestial Being declared that they would atone for their sins by retaking the supercomputer Veda from the true power behind the Federation and A-Laws — the Innovators. Nonetheless, Katharon and the coup d'état faction assisted them in the final battle.

Following the Celestial Being's recovery of Veda, and disbandment of the A-Laws after their scandalous actions were exposed, a new Federation goverment was formed. Additionally, members of Katharon ceased to be outlaws and helped govern the new Federation government, with former Katharon member Klaus Grad becoming a member of the Federation Assembly.

Two years after Katharon was disbanded, a movie titled Celestial Being depicted the anti-governmental group as the good guys attempting to stop the A-Laws, led by Alejandro Corner, from taking over the world.


Katharon forces

Katharon has bases on Earth and in space. Its forces consist of outdated mobile suits without GN Drive Tau, and they are constantly outmatched by the A-Laws' GN Drive Tau-equipped machines. Many of Katharon's mobile suits have been repainted with a unique blue color scheme. Katharon's space fleet is composed primarily of modified Virginia-class cruisers and Laohu transport vessels.

Overall, Katharon's forces are much weaker than the forces of the Earth Sphere Federation Forces and A-Laws, which makes them easy targets, thus Katharon forces generally rely on Celestial Being and its Gundams to help win more battles. Despite their obvious tactical disadvantage, Katharon's conventional mobile suits can be a match for the ESF Forces and A-Laws' mobile suits if there was an anti-GN particle cloud which reduces the power of all GN particle-based weaponry.

Notes & Trivia

  • Katharon vaguely resembles the Anti Earth Union Group (AEUG) and Karaba, both organizations which fought the corrupt Titans (which A-Laws resembles) in the U.C. timeline. The biggest difference is that while AEUG and Karaba had access to advanced mobile suits through Anaheim Electronics, Katharon had no such provider to fall back on, thus relying on obsolete mobile suits.