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Karon Ratto is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


The doctor in charge of the Newtype Laboratories located in northern Asia, Karon Ratto is in charge of not only the laboratory itself but the evaluation of Newtypes and those believed to be Newtypes. Her willingness to go along with the New U.N.E. military lands her in trouble as she takes part in a plan by Shagia Frost to allow the Freeden access to the laboratory, and in allowing the Frost brothers the use of several soldiers undergoing investigation for being Newtypes. With the loss of all the prospected Newtypes, she agrees to help capture Tiffa Adill, not knowing that Olba is meeting with N.U.N.E. generals informing them of a different plan.

As the plan of the Frost brothers is put into action the Newtype Labs is attacked by the New U.N.E. military after it sees the Freeden close to them, believing them to be planning to use their technology to take over the New U.N.E. government. Finding out about the plan to late she watches as Shagia and Olba Frost arrive in their Gundams, killing her and destroying the labs.


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