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Karen Joshua (カレン・ジョシュワ Karen Joshuwa?) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. She fought in the One Year War as part of the 08th Mobile Suit Team, serving as its second-in-command and piloting the RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type.

Personality & Character

Karen is a hardened, intense and no-nonsense woman. She takes her job seriously, and expects her teammates to do the same. Her brusque demeanor makes her difficult to read and approach, but she is loyal to her comrades.

Skills & Abilities

As a former medical student, Karen can act as a medic in cases of emergency. She is also skilled in MS piloting, and in the absence of the captain, she sometimes takes over the command.


Prior to the war, Karen Joshua was a medical student and married to a field medic. After her husband was killed in combat, she joined the Earth Federation Forces to avenge him.

During the One Year War, she was assigned to the Kojima Battalion in Southeast Asia as a pilot in the battalion's 08th Mobile Suit Team. Among the battalion, she quickly gained a reputation as one of the most difficult people to get along with and was rumored to be the cause of the previous 08th MS Team's nervous breakdown and hospitalization. When the replacement commander Shiro Amada arrived, she was initially underwhelmed by the inexperience and carelessness he showed on their first mission. However, as Shiro proved himself tenacious and resourceful, Karen grew to respect him.

After Eledore Massis was injured in combat, Karen's medical training came in use, and she was able to stabilize him before he could be transported to the hospital.

A close encounter with a Zeon MSM-04 Acguy saw her Gundam sustain heavy damage, including decapitation. As part of the repairs, her Gundam was retrofitted with the head from an GM Ground Type; this earned her the nickname "GM Head" with pilots outside of the 08th MS team, which she openly detested.

During the time when Shiro Amada is under suspicion of being a Zeon spy, the 08th MS Team was assigned a recon mission with a low survivability rating. The mission was also a test of Shiro's loyalties, and Karen was given secret orders to execute Shiro if he attempts to desert (unaware that fellow team member Terry Sanders Jr. had been given similar orders). When Shiro proclaims that he is leaving the service so that he can deal with the Apsalus III his own way, Karen immediately acquired a weapons lock but struggled to pull the trigger; Karen ultimately fired her Vulcan gun, but intentionally missed Shiro and allowed him to leave.

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