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Karels are mass-produced maintenance robots that maintains the Gundams and systems of Celestial Being in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Description & Characteristics

The Karels[1] are low-level thinking maintenance bots that work along with Celestial Being Engineers to maintain and repair their GN-Technology. They were designed to be adaptable in space and gravity environments for versatility in various situations. They have miniature thrusters for movement in zero-gravity environments and magnetic wheels to attach to any surface. They have small manipulating arms with welding tools that can cut and mend E-Carbon. When more complicated tasks are given (e.g., Gundam repairs, system repairs), the Haros will dock and control with the Karels to complete the task.

The upper part of their head has a spherical docking port for Haros to interface. The Karels themselves are only capable of completing a certain level of repairs and ultimately require a human engineer to complete the job. It's why a Celestial Being Engineer(s) is often supervising the Haros and Karels during their work. Due to their tireless nature, they often complete major repairs in a speedy manner that contributes to the survival of the ship and the Gundams.


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