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Karaba (カラバ?) is the Earth-based form of resistance to the Titans.


Karaba was the Earth-based resistance movement against the Titans. Although they were not as well known as their AEUG space counterparts, they were nonetheless extremely important in the fight against the Titans. Their most important members were the ace pilot Amuro Ray and Karaba's leader, Director Hayato Kobayashi; both fought together on the White Base during the One Year War. Karaba operated from the Audhumla, a giant cargo aircraft (larger than many battleships) stolen from the Federation during the AEUG attack to Jaburo, which became the resistance's mobile headquarters and flagship.

Since their main benefactors were in space, Karaba was initially even more rag-tag and under-equipped than the AEUG; besides the Audhumla, their main force consisted of ex-AEUG mobile suits left over from the Jaburo campaign, which included several Nemos and at least one Rick Dias. Later on when the Titans influence in space began to lessen, Karaba managed to build up its forces to a formidable level, even gaining their own mobile suits, such as the MSK-008 Dijeh (which was made famous by being Amuro Ray's mobile suit of choice).

Karaba's most significant operations were an all-out attack on the Titans headquarters in Kilimanjaro, and temporarily seizing control of the Federation Congress in Dakar to allow Char Aznable to make a globally televised speech. After the Titans were shunned by the Federation as a result of Char's speech, the battlefield almost entirely shifted to space, pretty much ending Karaba's role in the war.

In ZZ Gundam the mission of Karaba shifted from fighting the Titans to fighting the Axis/Neo Zeon movement. By this point though, many of its leaders and pilots had gone to space in order to resupplement the devastated AEUG, thus Karaba could do little to prevent Neo Zeon's warpath.

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