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Kao Lyn is a character that appears in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Father to all the Neotopian Gundams, Kao Lyn is a brilliant, eccentric scientist prone to speaking in gibberish while performing martial arts moves, and he is rightfully proud of his 'children', knowing they are a near-unbeatable first line of defense for Neotopia.


Kao Lyn first appears in Mach Wings! Guneagle!, monitoring the test flight of Guneagle. Although Guneagle performs well, Kao Lyn insists that improvements be made. When Captain later requested Guneagle's help in fighting the Komusai II, Kao Lyn was against it, but gave in when Captain explained how dire the situation was.

In the following episode, Kao Lyn introduced the Gundivers to help salvage the Komusai II after it fell in the ocean. When a fight between Zapper's gang started, Kao Lyn assured Chief Haro that Gundivers 1 and 2 could handle it. When extra help was needed to save Shute, trapped under the sinking Komusai II, Kao Lyn sent out the other five Gundivers.

After Captain was damaged by Ashuramaru, Kao Lyn set to work repairing him. When Captain woke thanks to his soul Drive being activated by Shute, Kao Lyn seemed happy but confused. ("Did I do that?")

Kao Lyn and Chief Haro were watching the Gundam Force shoot a movie with Mayor Gathermoon when the Big-Zam attacked. After Blanc Base fell, Kao Lyn helped set up a command outpost near the crash site. After they received word that the Dark Axis was launching a full scale invasion, Kao Lyn checked the rate the Dark Axis were planting Control Horns on mobile citizens, estimating (With alarm) that all of Neotopia's robots would be brainwashed by the next morning. When Chief Haro decided to use the Captain System, Kao Lyn regretfully explained that the Re-Equip Ring had crashed in the ocean because of the previous Big-Zam attack. After the Ring was recovered, Kao Lyn explained that the Captain System was a way to connect with all of Neotopia's mobile citizens through cyberspace, rendering the Control Horns useless.

When Captain, exploring Neotopia's brainworld, reported a brain link connected with the Dark Axis, Kao Lyn theorized that it might lead to a way to reverse petrification. As Captain fought his way past the virtual Bagubagu security barriers, Kao Lyn sent the images to Shute to show him what was going on.

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