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Kamuji (カムジ?) is a character from Char's Deleted Affair.


A girl who belongs to the Zeon Independence League, and is ostensibly the manager and singer of a trading company in Side 3. She has a history of shooting down five GM machines in her first battle in the One Year War, and also has the qualities of a Newtype, such as being able to disable the G-3 Gundam with a single shot of the Zaku machine gun by playing with it. After that, she cooperates with Char's participation in AEUG, but Kamuji herself refuses to get involved in the internal conflicts of the Federation Forces and returns to her main job as a singer.


Giorgio Miguel

The two are close and have engaged in staged sorties against each other on various occasions. Giorgio acknowledges that in a real battle he would not stand a chance against her and most likely be killed immediately, despite being a fairly skilled pilot himself.

Nanai Miguel

Being close in age (Kamuji being older by one year) the two are fairly close friends, having known each other for a few years.


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