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Kamille Bidan (カミーユ・ビダン Kamīyu Bidan?) is the main protagonist of the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam television series and a supporting character in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. He is the pilot of the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam.

Personality & Character[]

Kamille particularly hated his very feminine-sounding name - and thus violently asserts his manhood by developing a hobby in amateur mobile suit creation. This he might have inherited from his parents: both are Federation officers and among the main engineering team that designed the Titan's prototype unit, Gundam Mk-II. He also showed a willingness to fight by stealing a Gundam to step on a Titans officer who had previously interrogated and abused him. He also tends to be brash, thoughtless, somewhat self-important, and prone to acting on his own judgment, in addition to being arrogant in his own right. This leads to him getting more than his fair share of abuse, both mental and physical, at the beginning of the series, like being beaten badly by Wong Lee, and being slapped quite a few times for his bad attitude. However, he eventually comes under Char Aznable's influence as the series progresses. This mentor-protege relationship plays a great role in shaping Kamille from an emotionally vulnerable, angst-ridden teenager to a true soldier, though he remains highly fragile emotionally, which only continues to worsen as those he cares about die around him. This boils over with the deaths of both Henken Bekkner and his longtime rival, Jerid Messa, leaving a distraught Kamille to question the whole point of warfare in general.

Skills & Abilities[]

According to Yoshiyuki Tomino, Kamille has the strongest Newtype powers in the Universal Century series.[2] Most of his Newtype powers did not manifest themselves until the late portions of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, however, he is augmented by contact with Cyber-Newtypes such as Four Murasame and Rosamia Badam, even Elpeo Ple. The strongest points of his power are revealed when he uses Zeta Gundam's Waverider Mode to crash Paptimus Scirocco at the end of the series. He is filled with strength from the souls of slain Newtypes who are close to his heart. Although the mental death throes by Scirocco destroyed his mind, he began to recover the following year during the First Neo Zeon War and became even more powerful than before. He is able to contact and speak with characters such as Ple telepathically and even sense what they do while still functionally comatose. At the end of ZZ Gundam, he lent his powers to Judau Ashta, allowing the latter to defeat Haman Karn.

Physical Aspects & Clothing[]

During the Gryps conflict, Kamille's appearance was that of a normal teenage male with a well-toned physique. This is offset by his youthful feminine face, which is most frequently shown either stern or scowling, a disposition inherited from his father. He has blue hair inherited from his mother, cut short with curls in back.

As a civillian, Kamille wore a a plain yellow shirt with a blue sweater and black jeans. After joining the AEUG, he was typically seen wearing a light-blue AEUG jumpsuit, and he wore a specialized normal suit when piloting Mobile Suits.

In his older years in UC 0099, Kamille appears largely the same, but has lost the boyish features he had during the Gryps Conflict. By then he wears a doctor's coat as part of his profession.


Early Life[]

Kamille was born on Earth on November 11, U.C. 0069 in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan.[1] He grew up in the Gryps (formerly called Green Noa) space colony - which was then the field base of the Earth Federation's Titans elite unit, an organization to which his father, Franklin Bidan, belonged. Growing up, Kamille was frequently bullied for his feminine name, and quickly caught onto the marital problems between his parents, which forced him to retreat into hobbies such as martial arts and mobile suit development. His closest friend was his neighbor, Fa Yuiry, who had a habit of trying to better Kamille much to his annoyance.

Gryps War[]

After a scuffle with Titans officer Jerid Messa over insulting his name, Kamille was detained by them at their base in the Gryps space colony. During an Anti-Earth Union Group raid to steal the new prototype Gundam Mk-II mobile suits, he escaped and helped the AEUG steal all the Gundam Mk II units.[3] Under the tutelage of AEUG officer Quattro Bajeena and former Titans officer Emma Sheen, Kamille later became one of AEUG's top pilots while maintaining his civilian status, first in his stolen Gundam Mk-II and later in the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam.

KamilleBidan sm--article image

Kamille during the Gryps War

During the Gryps War; Kamille witnessed the deaths of his parents, lover, and friends caught in the Titans' nefarious machinations. Though a generally nice person, he tended to act on his emotions and personal judgment rather than balanced rationalization. This has placed him in deep rivalries with the ambitious Jerid Messa, and the calculating Paptimus Scirocco.

Kamille's life was changed again when he met a strange young female Titan pilot. Her birth name was unknown, she was simply referred to as "Four Murasame" because she was the fourth Newtype to come from the Murasame Newtype Labs. The two fell powerfully in love at first sight, yet were torn apart time and again. Being a Cyber-Newtype, she was mentally unstable and attacked Kamille anytime her Psycho Gundam was near (the Psycho Gundam's computer systems utilize negative emotional stimulus to drive its pilot into battle). Like the Lalah Sune archetype before her, Four's death cemented Kamille's side of his rivalry with Jerid: while finally escaping the Titans' clutches, she died in battle with Jerid to save Kamille's life.[4] Ironically, despite this potential cause of antipathy, Kamille later showed no real signs of a genuine hatred of Jerid, and treated him much like any other Titan pilot. It's likely that this developed because Kamille thought that hating Jerid was, at this point, useless.

As the final battle between the AEUG and the Titans approached its fateful conclusion in the Battle of Gryps, Kamille began tapping into the mysterious "Bio-Sensor" in the Zeta Gundam as his Newtype abilities grew, thus unleashing a power never before seen when he destroyed Yazan Gable's Hambrabi. Kamille's anger (at Yazan's enjoyment of killing people) triggered the Bio-Sensor, which in turn enshrouds the Zeta in a purple glow of power. Kamille used this power to extend the length of the Zeta Gundam's beam saber then sliced Yazan's Hambrabi in two, although Yazan was able to eject in the suit's escape pod.[5] In his final battle with Scirocco, Kamille proved to have the stronger mind (having gained the strength of all the people he loved who had died during the war). Despite impaling the Zeta Gundam into Scirocco's PMX-003 The O, a dying Paptimus Scirocco still managed to unleash a mind-crippling blow to Kamille Bidan, leaving him in a delusional psychotic state.[6]

First Neo Zeon War[]

Kamille and Judau First Meet 01 (ZZ Ep2)

A vegetative Kamille reacts to Judau's presence.

After the end of the Gryps War, Kamille was brought to the Shangri-La colony inside 1 for medical treatment. His condition has worsened since the end of the battle, leaving him in a vegetative state, unresponsive to anyone or anything around him. When the Argama was taken over by their old enemy Yazan Gable and a group of Shangri-La junk dealers, he was taken hostage. However one of the junk dealers, Judau Ashta, was a latent Newtype and his presence caused the comatose Kamille to consciously move for the first time since the start of the First Neo Zeon War. Kamille motioned Judau to take his hand and the two experience a Newtype reaction, possibly implying that Kamille sensed Judau's powers and awakened them. After the incident was resolved, Kamille was transferred off the Argama to a hospital in the colony and remained there with Fa Yuiry, who eventually retired from the AEUG to watch over him.

Sometime after the Argama left Shangri-La, Fa and Kamille traveled to Earth and the two settling in Dublin, Ireland, where Kamille was interned at a hospital with Fa as his nurse. When the war brought the Argama to Ireland they reunited with Kamille and Fa and learned that, while he was still vocally unresponsive, Kamille has clearly recovered much of his mental faculties. He plays a key role in saving Elpeo Ple and the Argama from a Neo-Zeon attack, communicating to her as well as the rest of the Gundam Team through telepathy and guided them to victory. Later as the bulk of Neo Zeon headed towards Dublin, Kamille began to have convulsions as he sensed the rebirth of the Psycho Gundam Mk-II and that its pilot, Ple Two, was close to awakening. When it's discovered Haman Karn was dropping a colony on Dublin, the Gundam team decided to smuggle Kamille out of the city, knowing that he would try and fight to save the people. Kamille resigned from the fight only when Judau reassured him that he would do all that he could to save the people; sensing that Judau had inherited his will, Kamille vocally responded for the first time since the end of the Gryps War, though it is only a soft "yeah" it signaled Kamille's full recovery, as he had been put at ease with the knowledge that the AEUG was in good hands. Despite this, when the situation turned bad for the AEUG and Karaba, Kamille desperately rushed to aide them, but his efforts were in vain as the colony hit before he could do anything, killing millions.

Fa once again found him and comforted him, and the two then watched as their friends flew into space, still determined to defeat Haman. At the end of the First Neo Zeon War Kamille was seen running along a beach with Fa, seemingly recovered.

A New Translation[]


Kamille in Zeta Gundam: A New Translation

Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino noted on the official website of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation that he intended to retcon Kamille's tragic fate at the end of the Gryps War to something more optimistic, in order to balance out the series' bleak tone. The 3-part film adaptation and recollection of the original TV series met rather wide success in Japan, with the new ending resulting in Kamille managing to resist Scirocco's crippling mind attack and reuniting with Fa at the War's conclusion. This outcome has long been thought about as an alternate ending to Kamille's story, although it is uncertain if this is a retcon or to be treated as an alternate universe to the main Universal Century history as Kamille's new fate contradicts the events in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


In the novel version of Zeta Gundam, Kamille much like Amuro died tragically. In a change of events, Rosamia did not die in the Psycho Gundam Mk-II but instead was piloting a Baund Doc. He was found in his vegetative state in the Zeta Gundam when Gates Kappa found him. Seeking revenge for the death of Scirocco and his comrades. Gates prepared to fire at the Gundam when Rosamia attempted to persuade Gates to let Kamille go, Gates does not relent and tries to kill Kamille but killed Rosamia and was also killed as well. This causes Kamille to go into complete madness as he thought Rosamia was his mother. When Fa came to pick up the Zeta Gundam, she found the hatch open and thought Kamille was sleeping. However, it was heavily implied that Kamille had committed suicide shortly after Rosamia's death.


Franklin Bidan[]

Kamille had a very difficult relationship with his father, Titans Engineer Franklin Bidan, complicated by both his dedication to his work over family and the fact he had a mistress, whom he seemingly valued over his wife and son. Franklin in turn didn't think much of his son, and their rare meetings would often turn confrontational quickly. After the incident with the Gundam Mk.II, Franklin and Kamille's relationship took a sharp turn for the worse when the Titans detained the former and his wife as a means of retrieving the Gundam from Kamille and the AEUG, only for Franklin to betray Kamille by hijacking a Rick Dias in order to regain favor with the Titans. This incident ends up killing Franklin, and despite the many horrible things his father had done, Kamille mourns his death.

Hilda Bidan[]

Although Kamille had a somewhat better relationship with his mother Hilda than his father, their relationship was strained by his frustration over her passiveness towards Franklin's neglect and infidelity, as well as her habit of burying herself in her work to deal with the knowledge. Despite this, Kamille was horrified to discover his mother being used as bait by the Titans to retrieve the Gundam Mk.II, which only intensified after her death in the ensuing crossfire.

Fa Yuiry[]

Fa was Kamille’s childhood friend and the two attended school and club activities together at Green Noa II. After the Gryps War started and they both joined the AEUG, their relationship began to strain from the harsh reality brought about by the war. Over time, they began to reconnoiter their friendship and started growing closer to each other. After the End of the Gryps War, Kamille became catatonic and was transferred off the Argama to receive medical treatment. Fa also chose to leave the Argama, having decided to stay with Kamille. After the end of the First Neo Zeon War, Kamille had completely recovered and he and Fa began a romantic relationship.

Four Murasame[]

Upon meeting the Cyber Newtype Four Murasame, Kamille instantly felt a strong connection to her through their shared Newtype awareness, unaware of her true identity as a Titans soldier and the pilot of the Psyco Gundam. Kamille would repeatedly attempt to aid Four in her struggles, doing his best to sway her away from the Titans, who only saw her as a tool for war rather than a person. Despite Kamille's best efforts, he was unable to help Four overcome her Cyber Newtype programming, as the damage to her psyche was too extensive to overcome. This resulted in Four's unfortunate death at Mt Kilimanjaro, leaving Kamille distraught. In the final showdown at the Gryps Colony Laser, Four's spirit and others appeared to Kamille during his battle with Scirocco and they gave him their strength so that he could defeat him.

Rosamia Badam[]

Kamille and Rosamia unknowingly first encountered each other on Earth when the Titans were chasing after the Karaba transport Aldumla, following the Second Battle of Jaburo. They wouldn’t meet face-to-face until the latter half of the Gryps War. At that point, Rosamia’s mind had been conditioned to believe that Kamille was her long-lost brother as a means to infiltrate the Argama. Over time, Kamille began to think of Rosamia as a sister and developed a caring relationship with her. However, their relationship went downhill after Rosamia’s Titan memories resurfaced and she began treating Kamille as her enemy, despite him trying to convince her that he wasn’t. At their last encounter, Rosamia’s mind began to break down and Kamille regretfully had to kill her to stop her rampage. After her death, Rosamia and others appeared to Kamille during his battle with Scirocco and they gave him their strength so that he could defeat him.

Char Aznable “Quattro Bajeena”[]

Kamille & Char 01 (Zeta Ep9)
Kamille and Char first unknowingly encountered each other during the Heist of the Gundam Mk-II, when Char sensed a powerful Newtype presence when entering the colony. During the heist, Kamille assisted Char (known by his alias Quattro Bajeena) in his mission and subsequently joined the AEUG's fight against the elitist Titans. During their time together, Kamille became more and more certain that Quattro was really Char Aznable, until it was confirmed when the two encountered Amuro Ray. Char became Kamille’s mentor, and often attempted to still the youth’s emotional frustrations and outbursts. Under Char’s guidance and sage-like advice, Kamille was able to overcome his aggression and mature into a young adult. Kamille and Char grew to strongly trust and respect each other as fellow comrades and pilots, though Char was aware that Kamille had evolved beyond him as a Newtype.

Emma Sheen[]

Kamille & Emma 01 (Zeta Ep10)
Emma often acted as an older sister to Kamille, offering him guidance and advice when he needed it, but also straightened him out when he would get full of himself. During the Battle of Gryps, Emma succumbed to her battle injuries and before she died she begged Kamille to absorb her life force and use his power to bring an end to the war, believing that he was the only one cable of doing it. During Kamille’s battle against Scirocco, Emma cautioned Kamille about his impatience and lent him her strength to defeat Scirocco.

Reccoa Londe[]

Kamille quickly grew close to Reccoa when he initially joined the AEUG, latching onto her as a surrogate-mother figure following the death of his actual Mother. Despite this, Kamille struggled to comprehend Reccoa's brazen nature and need to constantly throw herself into the heat of battle, which lead to frequent friction between the two despite his desire to protect her. When Reccoa was presumed dead, Kamille deeply mourned her, unaware she had in fact been captured and indoctrinated into the Titans. Kamille's joy at discovering Reccoa's survival quickly turned to confusion and anger after learning she had genuinly betrayed the AEUG, demanding to know why she would do such a thing. Reccoa would be killed in a battle with Emma Sheen at the climax of the Gryps conflict before the two could reach any kind of reconcilliation. Despite this, her spirit would ultimately aid Kamille against the very man she had betrayed the AEUG for, Paptimus Scirocco, during their final battle.

Jerid Messa[]

Kamille and Jerid's first encounter was bad from the start, with Jerid mocking Kamille for having a feminine-sounding name and Kamille hitting Jerid in retaliation. Things declined further after Jerid killed Kamille’s mother Hilda Bidan. Afterward, the two forged a rivalry that would last the entire Gryps War. During the war, both pilots would kill individuals important to the other. Kamile killed Lila Milla Rira, Kacricon Cacooler, and Mouar Pharaoh, while Jerid killed Four Murasame and Apolly Bay. Kamille and Jerid faced each other one last time during the Battle of Gryps, although by then Kamille had grown far beyond his petty grudge, a sentiment the brash Titan pilot did not share. Forced into yet another fight, Kamille finally defeated Jerid, pushing him into the damaged Radish. In the end, Jerid would curse Kamille for always being in his way, before dying from the damaged warship's explosion.

Paptimus Scirocco[]

Kamille and Scirocco had little interaction with each other during the Gryps War, though the two did fight for the allegiances of both Sarah Zabiarov and Reccoa Londe, both of whom Scirocco won over. At the end of the Gryps War, Kamille and Scirocco fought each other in both literal battle and one of ideology. Kamille was appalled by Scirocco’s vision of a world in which individuals were controlled by the elite; Scirocco, in contrast, opposed Kamille’s views of a world in which people were free to live their own lives, believing that such a world would destroy itself without a strong leadership to guide it. At the climax of the Battle of Gryps, Kamille used the Zeta Gundam’s Bio-Sensor, powered by the spirits of his fallen friends and allies, to defeat Scirocco, impaling him right through his mobile suit. Before Scirocco died, however, he used the last of his power to strike at Kamille’s mind, shattering it and leaving Kamille in a vegetative state.


Quote:Kamille Bidan


Character Designs[]



Illustrations & Artwork[]

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Although the name "Kamille" is deemed to sound feminine, it is, in fact, a unisex French name.
  • Kamille Bidan's Japanese voice actor, Nobuo Tobita, is famous for his work in various animated Gundam series, including Ulube Ishikawa in Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Karius Otto in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory as well as Lasker Alesi in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.
  • Kamille was the first Gundam protagonist to be left crippled in any form after a final battle.
  • Kamille set the trend of protagonists in a Gundam anime receiving an upgraded or new mobile suit later in a series, this was inspired by what happened to Amuro Ray in the novel version of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Kamille won Animage's Anime Grand Prix Award in 1986 in the category of favorite male anime character of the year. He was the third Gundam character to win the Anime Grand Prix after Char Aznable in 1980 and Four Murasame in 1985, and the first Gundam protagonist. Notably, he was selected over Judau Ashta, the protagonist from the then-airing Gundam ZZ. Another Gundam protagonist would not win the Anime Grand Prix Award until 2002, with Kira Yamato from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
  • Kamille's birthdate was first stated to be November 11, U.C. 0069 in the July 1985 issue of Animedia.[1] However, The Official Gundam Fact File 36 from June 2005 revised the date to November 3, U.C. 0070.[7] Z Gundam Historica 02 from July 2005 and the Data Gundam column in the December 2005 issue of Gundam Ace both use the original date.[8]
    • The original date is consistent with the start date of the Gryps War (March 2, U.C. 0087) if Kamille's age (17) holds true from episode 1.
  • Kamille appears as a minor character in Around Thirty Office Worker Haman-sama where he is of the Newtype generation and is currently working in the Argama clothing corporation alongside his childhood friend Fa. Despite his efficiency, Kamille is too stubborn and is often reprimanded by Bright. His obliviousness to Fa's affection towards him is also a running gag much to the frustration of other characters. He is known to also be a fan of the singer Rosamia.
  • Kamille appears in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam in UC 0099: Moon Crisis as a doctor.

Video Game-specific[]

  • Kamille's first appearance in western-published media was in the Playstation game Gundam Battle Assault, where his name was translated as Kamiru Bidan.
  • In various Super Robot Wars games, Kamille's mind alteration can be prevented by having Four Murasame on the team. Not having her around will usually lead to the events happening and while Kamille's still playable, his stats are horrendous (especially as these events are end-game). Most games that skip the events of Zeta tend to have Kamille arrive just after recovering.
  • In various SD Gundam G Generation games, Kamille's hyper mode can be awakened or enhanced by various effects but at the same time, the process runs the risk of Kamille leaving the party.
  • In Super Robot Wars Z, Kamille seems to have a good friendship with Shinn Asuka, whom he shares many personality traits with.
  • In the 2nd Super Robot Wars Z2 game, Kamille finds himself mentoring Setsuna in his awakening Innovator abilities. This is due to the usual mentor figure, Amuro joining rather late and Kamille in this game has become a veteran in his own right, having seen action in Super Robot Wars Z, and the first Z2 game.
    • G Generation Advance: having Kamille on the field during a certain event would waken his hyper mode, though without Domon in the same group, he'll leave the field in berserk rage while with Domon in the unit group he teaches Kamille how to control it and tap into it, allowing him to invoke it via ID Command.
    • G Generation DS: He learns his hyper mode normally upon facing Yazan right after he "destroys" Reccoa's unit and it can be enhanced by reenacting certain character deaths from Zeta Gundam (losing those units/pilots permanently). This may also play a part in the fateful confrontation, but Four is needed to prevent the mind crush, the same as various SRWs.
  • In Super Robot Wars V, Kamille, after the incident of ZZ and Char's Counterattack, joins Mineva Lao Zabi's Neo Zeon faction, Laplace, and aids the player in recovering Marida Cruz from her brainwashing by Martha Vist Carbine in a RGZ-91 Re-GZ. After the Laplace faction aligns themselves with the player to stop Full Frontal, Roux Louka will stop Kamille from using the Re-GZ and instead give him back the Zeta Gundam, effectively swapping places. Kamille comments about piloting the Zeta again for the first time since the Gryps Conflict. He is initially hesitant and overwhelmed once again by the Zeta's biosensor, but is able to keep a grasp on his mind and identity and chooses to spare Jerid Messa in hopes that they can both move forward together. Kamille is one of the few characters to instantly recognize that Full Frontal is not Char.
  • In Super Robot Wars X, it is suggested that Kamille's mind being destroyed is one of the factors that contribute to Char’s actions in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.
  • In 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha: To the End of the Galaxy showcases a what if scenario if Kamille believed Char's actions upon seeing the Earth Federation corruption due to Blue Cosmos from Gundam Seed was right, only to be swayed into believing humanity and not rush for answers like Char did.
  • Kamille appears in the Extreme Vs. series as the pilot for the Zeta and his Gundam Mk-II whilst under the Titans. Like Elle Vianno's Mk-II, Kamille cannot access the Super Gundam. While Kamille's Mk-II lacks the support units of both Elle and Emma's version, his unit is better suited for melee combat and he has a special double kick.
    • When Zeta Kamille meets Gundam Amuro, Amuro quickly inquires if Kamille is really the Zeta's pilot, but Kamille asks what the veteran means by the statement. Zeta Kamille is also shocked by the pressure from the Nu Gundam. Mk-II Kamille is substantially more respectful when speaking towards Amuro and is surprised by the strength of the hero from the One Year War.
    • Zeta Kamille wonders what sort of situation would compel Iino Abbav to outfit the Zeta with the head of a Zaku. Mk-II Kamille is more aggressive on the matter and is outraged that someone would even consider putting a Zaku's head on the Zeta.
    • Should Mk-II Kamille meet Delta Plus Riddhe, the latter references the Gryps War similarly as to how Kamille reacted to first seeing Amuro and Char together. If they are on opposite sides, Kamille will briefly mistake the Delta Plus for the Hyaku Shiki.
    • If Mk-II encounters any of Char's incarnations from the One Year War, Kamille will purely refer to him as the "Red Comet", but cannot shake a sense similar to Quattro. He also makes a similar statement when meeting Sazabi Char.
    • Mk-II Kamille will initially mistake Full Frontal for Quattro only to correct himself on the matter. Similarly, he mistakes Johnny Ridden's Zaku for Char's and accidentally calls him the Red Comet.
    • Mk-II Kamille cannot exactly remember Elle when partnered with her Mk-II. Should they meet as foes, Kamille will mistake her unit for Emma's.
    • If Mk-II Kamille encounters Roux Louka's Zeta, he will wonder who is currently piloting the unit. If they meet as opponents, Kamille swears to take his unit back.
  • To obtain the "Military Uniform" variant of the Kamille AI Pilot in Gundam Breaker Mobile, players must build it from event blueprints during a limited time when it is available as a build project. This is resource-intensive process, as each part requires a combination of twelve total Material which can only be obtained by rolling the current gacha capsules on specific weeks to get the number of necessary materials for the part. it would take at least twelve rolls over four weeks to craft the AI.



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