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Kamaria Ray (カマリア・レイ?) is a character that appears in TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam. She is the mother of Amuro Ray.


Kamaria Ray was married to Tem Ray and led a normal life with him and their son Amuro. Some time before the One Year War, Tem was enlisted by the Earth Federation Forces doing weapons research under the guise of colony construction. Though Tem wanted Kamaria to come with them to Side 7, she declined and stayed on Earth.

During shore leave on Earth, Amuro leaves the White Base crew to search for his long-separated mother. He lands his Core Fighter near a small camp in his childhood hometown, where he is met by three local men who warn him to hide the fighter before the Zeon find him. As they talk, Kamaria comes out of the crowd and the two embrace. They talk in a nearby church building (now a temporary medical center for refugees), but a boy runs in, telling them that two armed Zeon soldiers are approaching. Kamaria quickly hides Amuro in a bed, covering him with blankets. The two Zeon soldiers become suspicious, push Kamaria aside and approach the bed, when Amuro pulls out his handgun, shooting one dead and chasing the other away at gunpoint.

Terrified of what Amuro has become, Kamaria takes Amuro outside and says that he has grown so wild, violent and paranoid that she does not even know him. He shouts angrily that she does not love him and does not realize they are in the middle of a vicious war. Kamaria says he was not raised to be such a violent boy. As he runs off to get the Core Fighter, she shouts that she is ashamed to call him her son.

The Zeon attack White Base, but are successfully repulsed. Afterwards, Bright Noa and Fraw Bow tell Kamaria how important Amuro is to them. They leave, and as White Base flies off, Kamaria cries over Amuro, and what he has become.


Notes & Trivia

  • Though is not mentioned in the stories and movies, the novelization suggests that Kamaria might have been having an affair behind Tem's back, and that's why she stayed behind on Earth.
  • Kamaria's first name is not Japanese. Also, in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin the White Base lands on the Pacific coast between Washington and California, and Amuro finds his home there. Because of this, it is likely that Kamaria is not Japanese, but American. This would give Amuro a mixed heritage. In other versions of the story Amuro's town is somewhere in British Columbia.
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