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Kaira Koshina (コシナ・カイラ Koshina Kaira)?) is a character in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing. She is the pilot of the MBF-C01 Command Astray Gundam.

Personality & Character

A girl who belongs to class A of the third grade of the Gunpla Academy, a fierce fighter found by the second Meijin Kawaguchi. She was born into a poor family, and ran away from home after dissatisfaction with her parents, earning a living with Gunpla Battles. As a builder, she is an amateur. After being defeated by Tatsuya Yuuki, she creates her own Gunpla while receiving the teachings of Tatsuya and Allan Adams.


Another childhood friend of Toru Satsuki who gave her a custom Aile Strike Gundam armed with the Mercury Lev unit as a parting gift. She was scouted personally by the second Meijin Kawaguchi due to her aggressive way of battling. She initially blames Tatsuya for Toru being taken away by his parents, believing it was so Toru could mingle with people of a higher status such as Tatsuya. But soon she warms up to Tatsuya when she loses to him in their first battle and learns that more than anyone, he also misses Toru. She then uses her own custom-built Command Astray Gundam.


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