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Kacricon Cacooler (カクリコン・カクーラー Kakurikon Kakūrā?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series.


Born in U.C. 0063 [1], Kacricon was one of the Titans pilots selected to test the three RX-178 Gundam Mk-II units located at the Titan base inside Green Noa. While fighting off an attack by the Anti Earth Union Group, Kacricon mistook the pilot of another Gundam Mk-II to be his close friend Jerid Messa, this mistake allowed Kamille Bidan to corner the Gundam and forced Kacricon to surrender it to the young pilot.

Determined to regain some honor, Kacricon takes part in the mission to recover the stolen Gundam Mk-II's from the AEUG. To do so he takes command of another mobile suit, the RMS-106 Hizack, and engages in a sortie against the AEUG. After the Titans were able to recover the Gundam Mk-II's, Kacricon was to be one of the pilots to engage the Argama, only to be knocked out by Kamille Bidan and Franklin Bidan.

When the Titans began operations on the Moon to discover and destroy the AEUG's base of operations, Kacricon was given the new RMS-108 Marasai and devised an attack plan with Jerid to either capture or destroy the Gundam Mk-II piloted by Kamille. This plan used the speed of the Marasais to stagger their attacks, while one was running and duck behind a formation of rocks, the other pilot would appear and attack the Gundam. The plan worked until Quattro Bajeena came to Kamille's aide and forced Kacricon and Jerid to retreat.

Kacricon would get another chance at Kamille as the AEUG launched an operation against the Earth Federation headquarters in Jaburo. Launching in his Marasai, Kacricon hoped to use the gravity field of the planet to aid in defeating the Gundam Mk-II. His plan ultimately met with failure as the ballute for his mobile suit deployed to keep him from burning up in the atmosphere. The ballute was destroyed as Kamille passed it with the flying armor for the Gundam Mk-II, causing the Marasai to burn up in the atmosphere. Kacricon's last words were "Amelia", the name of his lover.[2]


Notes & Trivia

  • Kacricon is depicted as a lieutenant junior grade in the manga but has the insignia of a lieutenant commander in the show. This is most likely an illustration error on the show since Kacricon appears to be more of a junior officer. However, the rank may be due to his position as Titan's quartermaster. Nonetheless, he does not exercise the authority of a typical commander like Jamaican and appears to be more on equal footing with Jerid.


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