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The KUMA-PP Papagguy is a Gunpla. It is built by Yuuma Kousaka and appears in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Try and the Hobby Hobby Imaging Builders series. 

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Papagguy is a Beargguy Gunpla designed by Yuuma Kousaka after Mirai Kamiki's KUMA-P Beargguy P. Yuuma envisioned this Gunpla to be the father in the KUMA-F Beargguy F, which consisted of the Mamagguy (the mother) and Petit'gguy (the child). He also designed it to show his affection to Mirai, implying he want to be a family with her. The Papagguy has excellent combat abilities, and upgraded amphibious features that allow the legs to be used for outer space propulsion.


  • Beam Cannon
Not only could the hole in the center of the paw hold things by suction, it also functions as a beam cannon.
  • Cane
Papagguy has several different canes; each holding a different weapon like a gun, beam saber, missile, etc.
  • Top Hat
Mounted over its left ear, the Top Hat can be used as a throwing weapon. Its razor sharp brim can cut through old 1/60 scale Gunpla kits.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Extendable Arm
Papagguy retains the Acguy and Beargguy II's extendable arms for striking down enemy mobile suits.
  • Hardpoint
Located on the Papagguy's backpack, a hardpoint is present for attaching various armaments and equipment.
  • LCD Monitor
Installed in the face, above the mouth and nose, the LCD monitor allows the Papagguy to change its eye expression during battle.
  • Mustache
Papagguy's mouth section is decorated with a mustache, which must be groomed perfectly to maintain the Gunpla's performance.


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