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Jutta Qasim (ユッタ・カーシム Yutta Kāshimu?) is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Moon Gundam. He becomes pilot of the AMS-123X-X Moon Gundam.

Personality & Character

Skills & Abilities


Jutta Qasim is an inquisitive 15-year old boy who studies various machines lying around in Moon Moon. During his childhood, Jutta's father, Creto, died due to being unable to receive proper modern medical treatment at the time due to Moon Moon's laws. Since then, he has held the idea that "beneficial things should be embraced even if they are technology from outside." As a result of this, he comes into conflict with his childhood friends and adults who want to uphold Moon Moon's laws. He joined the Warrior Corps and departs with them as an envoy of Moon Moon to request the Colony Corporation for repairs on the colony. During the journey, he jumps out into space to rescue his friend, Mauno, who was thrown out into space due to an accident and gets caught up in a battle between Neo Zeon and Londo Bell. He is rescued by Neo Zeon pilot Agos Lagarto and synchronizes with the AMS-123X Varguil's Psycommu.



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