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Defeated by Carris, Garrod's Gundam X is badly damaged and he injured in the cockpit, to avoid him being killed by the strange Newtype, Tiffa willingly surrenders herself to him in exchange for sparing Garrod's life. Taken to Fort Severn, Tiffa is paraded through the streets and press releases by the Mayor declare that Carris rescued her from vile and evil Vultures that kidnapped her. Once at the capital building, Carris is told by the Mayor that he is not to have contact with her because they both have the same type of power and it would not be wise for them to be together. Recovering from his wounds, Garrod falls into a deep depression at being defeated and at now being powerless to protect or even rescue Tiffa. To break him out of his depression, Jamil takes him to a frozen lake and tosses the control unit for the Gundam X out onto it, telling the boy that if he wants to pilot the Gundam and get Tiffa back then he has to get the control unit. As the sounds of a battle erupt in the distance from the Frost brothers once more attacking the Freeden, Jamil leaves Garrod alone to complete his task on his own.

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