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The Jupiter Energy Fleet was launched in 2026 AD to collect hydrogen, helium³ and methane from the Jovian atmosphere of Planet Jupiter, for the Earth’s tremendous energy demands. They are apparently self-sufficient and largely forgotten by the average citizen of the Earth Sphere.


Thanks to the development of the thermonuclear reactor, the people of the Universal Century have access to safe and abundant fusion power. However, these reactors are fueled by a rare helium-3 isotope, a critical element in Minovsky fusion, which is almost non-existent on Earth. This precious fusion fuel is collected from the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter and brought back to the Earth sphere by a non-governmental organization known as the Jupiter Fleet, which operates a fleet of Inter-Planetary Helium Carriers (Jupitris-class).

The helium-3 supplied by the Jupiter Fleet is a vital resource in the age of space settlement and during wartime its vessels are protected from attacks by international treaties. The Jupiter Fleet, in turn, is technically neutral but its fuel monopoly gives it enough clout to allow it to exert considerable political influence.

Little is known about life near Jupiter during the One Year War era. Paptimus Scirocco commanded the Jupiter Energy Fleet's flagship, the Jupitris and his extensive time spent out at Jupiter led some of his Earth-born Titans allies to view him as more "alien" than their Space-noid foes, leading some to derogatorily refer him as "The Man from Jupiter". In U.C. 0133 the Jupiter Empire, which has members in the Jupiter energy fleet, plans to conquer Earth but their plans are thwarted by the Crossbone Vanguard.

After the First Neo Zeon War, former AEUG pilots Judau Ashta and Roux Louka joined the fleet. By U.C 0149, Judau was still involved with the Jupiter Energy Fleet and is "leader" of the Jupitris-class Heinlein, while overseeing the Dandelion colony.

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