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Junction (ジャンクション Jankushon?) is the Phase-08 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.The Minerva enters Orb where the ship is to be repaired. While this takes place Talia Gladys meets with Maria Bernes; also known as Murrue Ramius. Meanwhile, the Orb government is considering an alliance with the Earth Alliance much to Cagalli's dismay. Athrun meets Kira and Lacus. Athrun and Kira discuss what he witnessed in the ruins of Junius Seven and how he plans to go to the PLANTs. Shinn visits a memorial at Orb and meets Kira and Lacus.


The Minerva sails into Orb’s docking facility of Morgenroete for repair and re-supply. Cagalli returns to government affairs as Orb’s representative. She is informed of the inextricable standoffs between the Earth Alliance and PLANT from Unato and the other leaders, and that Orb is faced with the decision of where they should stand.

In the meantime, the crew enjoy their brief time off.During which, some encounter each other without knowing who they are.Murrue and Talia meet at the dock.

Wrestling with his confused thoughts, Shinn returns to the place where his family was killed and meets Kira standing there alone. Athrun also reunites with Kira and starts to search for the path he should choose once more. He gives Cagalli a promise ring and takes off to join Durandal.

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