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Julio Renato is a fictional character from the Gundam Build Fighters anime series.

Personality & Character

He can be distinguished from his brother by their hairstyles: Mario's hair parts on the left, while Julio's parts on the right.

Skills & Abilities

As he made it to the World Tournament, he can be assumed to be a reasonably skilled Gunpla Fighter.


Julio is a younger brother of Mario Renato. He is the fighter.




  • It is possible that the Renato brothers represent fans that despise the mainstream and popular fandoms. Where as just about every other character on their level uses a custom variant of a powerful Ace or at least Sub-Ace unit, they have been seen only using custom variants of weaker mass-produced units, like GMs. they also have expressed their dislike for the favorite fighters, such as being happy when the champion Carlos Kaiser was defeated by a newcomer, as well as their wanting to knock Tatsuya Yuuki off his pedestal as the favorite to win the tournament.
  • The Renato Brothers have a tendency to use dog-like or related mobile suits, initially with the BuCUE Tank and later the GM Sniper K9. This may be a slight nod to "dogs of war." This is expanded upon with their tactics and dialogue with Meijin Kawaguchi in their Gunpla Battle with the latter.

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