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Having finally departed Shangri-La, the Argama sets course for the La Vie En Rose. Chafing against Bright's command, Beecha and Mondo try to send a message that they're willing to sell out the Argama. Receiving their signal aboard the Endra, Mashymre sorties in the new mobile suit Hamma-Hamma.


Mondo and Beecha try to persuade Iino to betray the Argama but he refuses. In spite of this Neo Zeon pick up an unusually strong electromagnetism which leads them to believe that there is a traitor on the Argama. Out by herself in the Core Fighter Roux Louka is intercepted. Making his first appearance Glemy Toto reluctantly obeys Mashymre's order to take care of her and Toto falls in love with her at first sight. Iino tries to inform Bright about Mondo and Beecha sending out the electromagnetism but gets interrupted when Neo Zeon attack. Iino then tries to tell Judau who was about to launch but he pushes him away saying he would die without a spacesuit. Confused by the dummy meteoroids Judau launched the 4 Gaza-C troops backing up Mashymre crash into real meteoroids and die instantly. Roux escapes from Glemy, fires at the back of his Gaza-C then tells him that she didn't want to hurt him because he was kind to her. As she heads off Glemy informs her that Mashmyre is after her.

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