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The attack on Earth by Haman Karn's Neo Zeon fleet is now in full swing. To rescue Leina, Judau attaches bombs to the Double Zeta and then launches into battle on his own. Alone, Judau pursues the battleship Sadalahn. Haman, sensing his Newtype potential, invites him aboard.


Under orders from Granada the crew of the Argama have brought the Hyaku Shiki through enemy lines and on board the ship. Along with this comes new orders to sink Haman Karn's flagship the Sadalahn. Planning to kill him, Mondo and Beecha convince Judau of a plan; take out the Double Zeta with a lot of bombs and force the Axis soldiers into returning Leina. After Rakan Dahkaran launches Haman delivers a holographic speech to her soldiers. As Judau launches Iino is caught in one of the wires and ends up in space with him after putting on his helmet. As 2 Axis mobile suits go to attack the Argama Judau comes after the Axis ship Mindra and destroys a mobile suit. He then threatens to destroy it if the Captain doesn't answer his question; "Is this the ship carrying Leina?" honestly. The Captain responds "Leina? We don't have that kind of mobile suit." then an Axis suit appears and Judau blows it up with the bombs. Eventually the Captain reports to Haman, who recognizes her as being the girl Glemmy has in his custody. Haman is confused that someone would be willing to look for another person in the middle of a war and becomes curious about him. Judau then goes to the Sadalahn and recognizing each other Haman decides to talk to him. She lies, saying that Leina is aboard the ship so after being given directions Judau comes onto the ship against Iino's advice. Haman drags him away, and drags him into a room. She admits her deception, and says that because they are both Newtypes they should be on the same side. Just as she is about to kiss him Axis soldiers come to get him and he runs away, telling Haman "We're enemies". After fighting the Argama inconclusively Rakan learns that the Double Zeta has boarded the Sadalahn so he decides to go to the Sadalahn's aid. Escaping from it Judau tries to sneak into a room overlooking the Double Zeta but is spotted. He throws a greande into the room causing the soldier inside to run out. The grenade goes off then Judau enters the room and goes into the Double Zeta. He blows open a hole in the ship which kills an Axis soldier then he flies off only to be intercepted by Rakan. The two engage in battle with Judau eventually gaining the upper hand after Roux and Elle arrive. Rakan evacuates his suit in an escape pod exclaiming that he won't forget this as his mobile suit is destroyed. Leina is later shown with Glemy Toto on a ship nearby taking ballet lessons.

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