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Joshua Edwards (ジョシュア・エドワーズ Joshua Edowāzu?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Joshua is a Union Flag pilot from Alaska transferred into the "Over Flags" before the Taklamakan Desert Operation. During his introduction, Joshua seems to know much about Graham Aker's accident regarding Graham's former superior officer, Sleg Sletcher.

Personality & Character

A Union Flag pilot who is assigned to the elite anti-Gundam unit known as the Over Flags. He has a strong sense of rivalry with Over Flags commander Graham Aker.[1] Joshua is a very brash and overconfident man with a huge ego. He believes he can take on and capture a Gundam by himself which led to his unceremonious downfall.

Skills & Abilities

As a Union soldier, Joshua is skilled in combat tactics, use of various firearms, military martial arts, and MS piloting. He is a skillful pilot that can also perform "Graham Special" in the mid-air.[2] His piloting skills is often compared to Graham Aker's.


Joshua is an Over Flag pilot who first appears when the Union is preparing to conduct a joint operation with the AEU and HRL against Celestial Being. Although Graham is his superior officer, Joshua holds a high level of contempt for him and vows to prove himself by capturing one of the Gundams.[1] During the battle, Joshua impulsively replicates a mid-air transformation, a maneuver which has come to be known as the "Graham Special".[2] He closes in on Lockon Stratos in Gundam Dynames, but Lockon casually kills Joshua with his GN Beam Pistol.[2]


Graham Aker
Joshua has a disrespectful attitude to Graham despite being of a lower rank as he felt Graham's promotions in the past was questionable.[1] He believes that he is a superior pilot to Graham and vows to prove himself by capturing one of the Gundams. Joshua also believes that Graham killed Sleg Sletcher on purpose during the mock battle incident regarding the YMS-02 Union Blast.[1]

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  • His nickname, "Joshua of Alaska", may be a reference to JOSH-A from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
  • In Super Robot Wars Z2.1, if he survives his canon death, he returns in the Gundam 00 final stage "Daybreak's Bell" piloting a GNX-603T GN-X.


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