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Josef Kankaansyrjä (ヨセフ・カンカーンシュルヤ Yosefu Kankānshuruya?) is a fictional character from the Gundam Build Fighters anime series.

Personality & Character

A business orientated man, he is nonetheless doting when it comes to his grandson, sponsoring the Finnish Gunpla team in order to win the a trophy for Lucas. He is also somewhat overprotective of Lucas, as he sent an entire group of his bodyguards to keep an eye on Lucas during the 13th Gunpla battle championships in Japan.

Skills & Abilities


He is the private owner and chairman of the Finnish Gunpla team, Nemesis which is based in Finland. He uses his rich financial power from excavating methane hydrate for envisaged a world tournament domination. However, after Aila unexpectedly betrays the team and scolds him and his grandson, he is left flabbergasted and speechless.

Seven years later, his grandson, now the undefeated European junior champion, transfers to the Granada Academy as an exchange student to participate in Japan's Gunpla battle championships. He later sends an entire team of bodyguards to ensure his safety, much to Lucas' chagrin. His grandson then dismisses them and orders them to enjoy their time in Japan while telling them to keep Josef unaware by sending reports saying they are still monitoring Lucas' safety.



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