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Jona Basta (ヨナ・バシュタ Yona Bashuta?) is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. He is the pilot of the RX-9 Narrative Gundam.

Personality & Character

A 25-year-old Ensign in the Earth Federation, Jona has been assigned to the Shezarr unit of the Earth Federation Forces Clop-class cruiser Damascus as part of the "Phoenix Hunt" taskforce at the request of the Luio & Co.[1]

Skills & Abilities

He wears the Psycho-suit, a special normal suit comprised of psycho-frame material.[2] According to Iago Haakana, his military career is unremarkable, with neither merits nor demerits.[3]


Jona lost both his parents sometime during the One Year War. Due to the loss of records during the chaos of the war, the cause was undetermined. As such Jona grew up in foster care in Australia alongside Rita Bernal and Michele Luio, up until the Operation British colony drop, to which Rita had foreseen and warned about. After saving an entire town, they were dubbed the "Miracle Children".[3]

Following these events, the "Miracle Children" were sent to a Newtype testing facilities ran by Titans. After Michele's claim that Rita was the true Newtype, Michele was taken by Luio & Co. and Jona was released at the end of Gryps War, when the facility was shut down.[3]

Official Federation records claimed Jona was adopted by a North American family and enrolled into a EFSF military academy at age 18, graduated at 22, and was commissioned as an Ensign.[3]

Following their separation, Jona was able to reunite with Michele via her connections with Luio & Co.



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