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John Kowen (ジョン・コーウェン?) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.


John Kowen is the commander of the Third Earth Orbital Fleet of the Earth Federation Space Force, with the rank of Lieutenant General. He is in charge of the Gundam Development Project, which is part of the Federation Forces reconstruction plan. He belongs to the reformist faction, which was a minority within the Federation Forces at the time. As a result, he is demoted to Rear Admiral and loses his position due to the political maneuvering of the conservative faction, but he does everything within his power to help the reluctant military deal with Operation Stardust.

During the final stages of Operation Stardust, Kowen learned of Cima Garahau's involvement with the Federation Forces under the command of Admirals Gene Coliny and Jamitov Hymen, and with it, the Federation's intricate plan to stop the colony drop. Pleading to Coliny that there was still time to directly stop it, Hymen pulled his pistol on Kowen and he was escorted out by two guards. His downfall gave momentum to the hawks in the Federation Forces and led to the rise of the Titans.


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