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Jed (ジェド Jedo?) is a character in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE ONA series.

Personality & Character

Freddie's elder brother, he is very brave and reliable. A platoon leader in the Resistance, he has been fighting against the One-eyes.

Skills & Abilities

As a member of the resistance, Jed is trained to handle firearms and explosives.


When the One-eyes began their attack on the inhabitants of Eldora, Jed signed up to join the resistance to protect his home village. Later, Jed learns that his village was attacked and rushes back to find it saved by the BUILD DiVERS. Greeting them, he then asks for their help with an infiltration mission where his team will infiltrate one of the One-Eyes' bases and set explosives to destroy the base with, while the BUILD DiVERS distract the enemy,


Jed's younger sister who takes care of the house when Jed is away. He counts on her a lot to handle Stola and they share a close bond.
Jed's younger brother. While Jed is reluctant to bring Freddie into his battles, he realizes that Freddie is the only one who he can trust with contacting the BUILD DiVERS.
Jed is rather protective of Stola and although Jed realizes that Stola looks up to him and wants to prove himself to him, Jed is adamantly against Stola joining the resistance. He wants Stola to be there to protect the village when he is away. However, Stola's constant attempts to join the resistance does exasperate him quite a bit.


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