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Jean-Pierre Mirabeau (ジャン・ピエール・ミラボー) is a Gundam Fighter that appears in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He pilots the Mirage Gundam Mobile Fighter.


Jean-Pierre Mirabeau was one of many potential combatants who was competing for the spot as Neo France's chosen fighter for the 13th Gundam Fight. As the tournament came to an end, only he and George de Sand were the last combatants left; but, Jean-Pierre had a streak of doing very dishonorable things and used the audience as a tool to keep George from attacking. The king, though, found this to be disgusting and disqualified Jean-Pierre, making George the winner on the spot. Enraged, Jean-Pierre attempted to assassinate the king, but was stopped by George; however, in the scuffle, a number of his suit's missiles were launched into the crowd.

Following the incident, known as the Tragedy of Marseille, Jean-Pierre was sentenced to a thousand years hard labor in a high-security prison; however, Jean-Pierre wouldn't be held there forever and made good his escape not even a year later. Arriving on Earth, he encountered Master Asia and the Devil Gundam and pledged his loyalty to the machine. He would later hunt down George to the Guyana Highlands and attempt to use his DG Cell-empowered Mirage Gundam to kill the pilot; yet, George would gain the upper hand, use his newly granted Shuffle Alliance powers to cure Jean-Pierre, and return him to jail.


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